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Installing an EnvyLawn product and switching to artificial grass is one of the best things you can do to reclaim your time, save money, and have an evergreen lawn that never fades. Natural grass landscapes come with a long list of maintenance requirements and upkeep. With EnvyLawn, you’ll never need a lawn mower or have to use harmful fertilizers again.

On top of lower maintenance costs, you’ll be saving roughly 65 gallons of water per month for every square foot of turf you install!

Perfect For All Weather

EnvyLawn turf is durable, versatile, and withstands almost every weather climate.  Artificial turf is great for an always-green landscape.

Perfect For Pets

Our EnvyLawn pet products go the extra mile with durability and excellent drainage.  Say goodbye to dead spots, and mud holes.

Install It Anywhere

EnvyLawn products are great for a multitude of applications.  From indoor putting greens, pool decks, rooftop gardens, and more, EnvyLawn has a turf perfect for the application.

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