Our Technologies


EnvyChill helps keep your family and four-legged friends cooler. It has a unique crystalline structure that aids in natural heat reduction through slow evaporative cooling.


EnvyFlo™ allows for customers to rest easy as it empowers your synthetic turf draining system on its own.  With a 700+ in/hr drainage rate, EnvyFlo™ takes care of surplus water for you.


EnvyShock uses a thick foam underlayment reinforcement to cushion any potential fall. It also has antimicrobial resistant abilities which will help keep your children and families healthy.


Instead of ripping out the exhausted and surrounding turf after a short while, have EnvyWear’s smaller segments strategically placed to keep the look of beautiful grass longer.

K29 Primary Backing

K29 Primary Backing by EnvyLawn is widely recognized as the most stable and consistent backing for landscape, pet, playground, sport and more turf systems.