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Looking to create beautiful, cost-effective and durable public spaces? EnvyLawn is proud to be the leading artificial turf installation company for parks and municipalities! We excel at creating green spaces for citizens of all ages to love and enjoy. 

Incredible Economic Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Natural grass has long been a default choice for parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. But, in recent years, turf technology has evolved to be a far better choice for public spaces! Today’s synthetic grass looks and functions incredibly similarly to natural grass yet requires a small fraction of the maintenance. This results in tremendous cost savings, especially on watering. EnvyLawn installers have created stunning, water-conscious public spaces nationwide.

Public Parks

Public parks quickly become muddy, torn up, and patchy due to kids and pets constantly running through them. Playground turf installation is a terrific solution to this problem! EnvyLawn turf is made to last and includes extra-efficient drainage to prevent puddles and mud. We pair great turf with expert installation to create the nation’s highest-quality public spaces.

The Safer Option For Your City’s Children

Safety is kind when it comes to children’s play areas! Our network of installers has access to the best synthetic grass padding to help keep your communities happy and healthy. EnvyLawn artificial turf playscapes are third-party tested for shock absorbency, so you can be sure you’re making a responsible choice for local families.

Our signature EnvyShock padding is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), and it meets the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) for our added cushioning. This critical padding feature helps soften falls and reduces the risk of potentially serious injuries. Installing an artificial grass playscape won’t just look great; it’ll actually help keep them safer.

Our Best Product Offerings

Here are a few details on some of our stellar options:

  • EnvyPlay – Dense, Multi-color, IPEMA-Certified
  • Premium Play – Medium Density, Soft, Temperature Control Features
  • For playground installations, EnvyLawn also incorporates our safety feature, EnvyShock, a thick foam pad that is antimicrobial, IPEMA Certified, and recyclable. This feature is crucial for safety and will help children avoid potentially serious injuries.

Worried about heavy wear on certain parts of the playgrounds? No problem! Our EnvyWear technology can help! EnvyWear was developed with concerns about wear and tear in mind. EnvyWear uses unique, smaller turf segments to help keep highly used areas on a playground from wearing down quickly. As a result, your investment can last even longer!



We’re serious about quality artificial turf installation! No matter the size or scale of your project, our contractors will follow a detailed installation process that guarantees long-lasting results. We’re incredibly thorough in our work to ensure your new community space stays plush and seamless all year round. We’ll even back it with a 15-year installation warranty.

The Benefits Of Turf For Municipalities & Parks





The Safer Option
For Your City’s Children


For City Planners

For more in-depth details on our artificial playground turf and how to incorporate it into your park or facility, visit our page for architects, engineers, and designers. EnvyLawn has CAD-ready plans that are transferable to your CAD software. The full-color layered PDFs and layered DWGs make it easy to plan your space.

Artificial turf installation from EnvyLawn is a superb solution for municipalities and parks looking to improve their greenspaces and playgrounds while saving money. Our synthetic turf options come with several benefits, including critical economic and safety features. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf, or place an order!

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