Municipalities & Parks

EnvyLawn offers a wide selection of high-quality synthetic turf products for the variety of applications that cities and their parks may need, including public greenspaces and playgrounds. You will be amazed when you see the natural shades of color and the well-manicured look synthetic grass can provide to municipalities and parks.

Incredible Economic Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Although natural grass might be the default option for landscaping parks and playgrounds in the United States, there are many downsides to consider first. There may be those sunny days when the grass is full and thick, but then there can be even more days of bald patches and discoloration. Or, more likely, a combination, even on the best days. Not to mention, there is all of the costly water consumption and constant maintenance. Many municipalities turn to sand or mulch to fill playground areas. However, these options require frequent maintenance and replenishment. It is also challenging to keep sand and mulch clean and free from tripping hazards.

An artificial lawn is known for being water-saving. There will be no need to put in a sprinkler system with this beautiful turf. Not only will this save money, but it is perfect for places that have water restriction issues.

Public Parks

Public parks have been using turf more and more in recent years. It’s a great option to allow people and their pets on lawns. Since it is so easy to clean, there is no need to worry about pets or other animals playing on it. There will be no muddy spots since it drains so well. It’s also a significant environmental benefit due to saving on water and does not have a dependency on fossil fuels to power the lawn equipment.

The Safer Option For Your City’s Children

Children are the future, and EnvyLawn wants to help keep them safer while playing. Our artificial grass for playgrounds is made with safety in mind. The most prominent concerns with playgrounds are often hygiene and injuries. Not only is EnvyLawn’s artificial playground turf easy to clean, but it is also shock-absorbing.

Our signature EnvyShock padding is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Associations (IPEMA), and it meets the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) for our added cushioning. This critical padding feature helps soften falls and reduces the risk of potentially serious injuries. So what we can offer you at EnvyLawn is more than just a lush green expanse, but artificial playground turf that is safer for children and easy to clean.


Our Best Product Offerings

Here are a few details on some of our stellar options:

  • EnvyPlay – Dense, Multi-color, IPEMA-Certified
  • Premium Play – Medium Density, Soft, Temperature Control Features
  • For playground installations, EnvyLawn also incorporates our safety feature, EnvyShock, which is a thick foam pad that is antimicrobial, IPEMA Certified, and recyclable. This is a crucial feature for safety that will help children be safer from potentially serious injuries.

Worried about heavy wear on certain parts of the playgrounds? No problem! Our EnvyWear technology can help! EnvyWear was developed with concerns about wear and tear in mind. EnvyWear uses unique, smaller turf segments to help keep highly used areas on a playground from wearing down quickly. As a result, your investment can last even longer!



We offer a best in class warranty for up to 15 years on all of our landscape turf. With synthetic landscaping turf, have peace of mind that your property is looking as though it has just been expertly manicured year round, regardless of the weather.  EnvyLawn offers a wide variety of beautiful artificial turf that can stand up to years of wear and tear, omitting the need for time-consuming lawn care and upkeep.

The Benefits Of Pet Turf





The Safer Option
For Your City’s Children


For City Planners

For more in-depth details on our artificial playground turf and how to incorporate it into your park or facility, visit our page for architects, engineers, and designers. EnvyLawn has CAD ready plans that are transferable to your CAD software. The full-color layered PDFs and layered DWGs make it easy to plan your space.

Artificial turf from EnvyLawn is a superb solution for municipalities and parks looking to improve their greenspaces and playgrounds while saving money. Our synthetic turf options come with several benefits, including critical economic and safety features. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf, or place an order!

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