Playground Turf

At EnvyLawn, we know that the last thing we want to worry about when we take our children out to play is potential injuries; that is why our padded playground turf is so important.

While it’s nearly impossible to prevent the risk of an injury, you can greatly reduce the chance of severe injuries by making sure the ground is cushioned and soft around your child’s play area. Playground turf is an excellent option to increase safety around backyard equipment or at your neighborhood’s park, school and more.

Playground Turf For Your Home Or Commercial Space

At EnvyLawn, we work with families, businesses, and other organizations to install playground turf solutions that keep children safer where they play. Whether you need playground turf at a home daycare, child care center, backyard, or indoor play area, we have a customizable solution for you.

Not only is our artificial playground turf safer for children to play on, but it’s also more durable and requires less maintenance than the other commonly used playground surfaces, like sand or wood chips. While sand or wood chips need replacing or refilling every year, our playground surfaces need little to no maintenance and are easy to clean.

Providing a Safe Place To Play

The primary purpose behind our playground turf is to keep children of all ages safer as they run and play. Our playground turf, versus sand or wood chips, decreases children’s risk of getting an infection should they get an abrasion or scrape while playing.

But that’s not the only way we’re making playgrounds safer. By making the playground surface just a little bit softer, the ground is much more forgiving when they fall on it. This is especially true if the child happens to hit their head. While kids are prone to scrapes, bumps, and bruises, our playground turf will help reduce and even often prevent serious injuries by cushioning falls and omitting trip zones.

Our Signature Artificial Turf For Playgrounds

• IPEMA-certified
• Soft to the touch, durable for play
• Designed to replicate natural aesthetics, making it look like the real thing
• Multiple colors available to add dimension to any playground or daycare
• Mini S blades give off a natural light reflection
• Tufts are woven densely to help with fall impact reduction

Advantages of Playground Turf

Not only will the playground turf increase the safety of the play area, but it can also increase the property value. Whether it’s installed at a residential home or a park on the corner, a safer playground is a selling point, no matter where it is located. Another benefit of playground turf is that you can choose from our extensive inventory of options and customize your installation to blend in or coordinate with your existing landscape.

The Benefits Of Playground Turf



All-Weather Use

Enhanced Safety – an increased level of safety for children

Eco-Friendly – no need for harmful pesticides


Why Choose EnvyLawn Playground Turf?

At EnvyLawn, it’s our job to make sure your yards and playgrounds are as safe as possible and stay aesthetically pleasing with our synthetic playground turf. Our playground turf isn’t just a product we sell but a staple of parks and schools in our community. We want to ensure everyone’s children are as safe as possible when they’re at play.

We design and produce custom lawn and artificial playground turf solutions for everything from commercial to residential applications. One of our many goals is to make your life easier and keep your space beautiful. Contact us today to see how we can help you beautify your playground area with our artificial turf. We have the right playground turf solution to fit your vision and your needs!

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