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The quality artificial grass and synthetic turf products from EnvyLawn provide greener, low-maintenance landscaping options for apartments. Whether it’s a high-rise building or a sprawling complex, either form can benefit from artificial grass installation. EnvyLawn offers various artificial grass and synthetic turf products that can fit the needs of different apartments and renters.

Benefits Of Installing Synthetic Turf For Apartments & HOA’s

Transform your apartment complex with the beauty and ease of synthetic turf. Enjoy the year-round appeal, minimal maintenance, and cost savings that artificial grass provides. These are just some benefits of using synthetic turf for apartments:

  • Stunning Landscaping: Artificial grass provides a consistently lush and vibrant green appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of indoor and outdoor spaces without the need for constant maintenance.
  • Low Maintenance: With synthetic turf, there is minimal upkeep required. Say goodbye to watering, mowing, and trimming. Simply give it a quick hose down to keep it clean and looking its best.
  • Cost-Effective: Installing artificial grass helps reduce water bills and eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance expenses associated with natural grass. It offers a cost-effective solution for apartment complexes and building owners.
  • Durable: Synthetic turf is more than just something to look at; it is also exceptionally durable. Artificial grass is resistant to foot traffic, normal wear and tear, and weather. This keeps your investment looking its best for years to come – even with high usage from renters.
  • Versatility: There are so many different ways you can use artificial turf for landscaping purposes. You can use synthetic grass for any landscaping needs that you have. One of the best things about apartment buildings and complexes is that they are occupied by various kinds of people, who may all want something different for an indoor or outdoor green space. Fortunately, EnvyLawn provides multiple types of synthetic turf to help fit differing needs.

Explore the Versatility Of Artificial Turf For Apartments

Enhance the appeal and functionality of your apartment complex with the versatile applications of artificial turf. EnvyLawn offers a range of synthetic grass options tailored to meet various landscaping needs. Discover how our artificial turf can transform different spaces within your apartment building or complex:

  • Landscaping: Create stunning outdoor landscapes with synthetic grass that stays green and requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy attractive, low-cost solutions to enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.
  • Playground Turf: Provide a safe and durable surface for children to play with our high-quality playground turf. Designed with extra padding, it offers a resilient and secure environment for active youngsters.
  • Pet Turf: Cater to pet owners by installing EnvyLawn’s pet turf. Designed for durability and easy cleaning, it withstands the demands of pets while maintaining a pristine appearance.
  • Putting Greens: Add an enticing feature to your apartment complex with artificial grass putting greens. Offer residents of all ages a fun and inviting space to practice their golf skills.
  • Rooftops & Patios: Transform unused spaces like rooftops and patios into inviting outdoor areas with artificial grass. Create an attractive setting that adds value to your property and appeals to potential renters.



We offer a best-in-class warranty for up to 15 years on all of our landscape turf. With synthetic landscaping turf, have peace of mind that your property is looking as though it has just been expertly manicured year round, regardless of the weather.  EnvyLawn offers a wide variety of beautiful artificial turf that can stand up to years of wear and tear, omitting the need for time-consuming lawn care and upkeep.

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