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At EnvyLawn, we understand the value of your time as a synthetic grass installer. We offer solutions that boost your overall profits, save you precious time and money, and spare you unnecessary headaches. With over 30 years of experience, EnvyLawn has earned its reputation as the leading artificial turf company. When your name and reputation are on the line as an artificial grass installer, partner with us to impress your clients with our innovative options.

Install and Sell the Best Turf on the Market

Whether your project is residential or commercial, our team provides the perfect artificial grass solutions for contractors. We offer CAD-ready documents and a wide range of versatile products with unique EnvyLawn Technologies, ensuring a perfect fit for your clients’ needs. From landscaping to pet areas, playgrounds to rooftops, and even golf projects, EnvyLawn specializes in customizable artificial grass solutions. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our Made in the USA products, in-house manufacturing, industry-leading warranty and designs that exceed industry standards. With almost 40 years of experience, installers trust EnvyLawn for all their synthetic turf needs.

Factory Direct Pricing

We understand the importance of sustainable partnerships. That’s why we proudly offer installers a variety of services and features, including lead generation, expedited shipping, factory-direct pricing and an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty. Once you work with us, you’ll never have to fly solo on an install again!

Exclusive Product Offerings

When you partner with EnvyLawn you get access to EnvyLawn exclusive product offerings. EnvyLawn has 24 different product offerings, but we only offer 7 of our best products exclusively to our certified partners.

Turf For Any Application

At EnvyLawn we believe turf is great for almost any application! From backyards, courtyards, bocce courts, or even the driving range – we have turf for it all!

Best in the Industry Warranty

We believe in our products so much so that we offer one of the best warranties on the market.  All of our artificial grass landscape turf installed outside of Arizona comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. And artificial landscape turf installed in Arizona comes with a 10 year warranty.  All putting greens come with an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Built With the Highest Safety Standards

At EnvyLawn, we prioritize safety in all our products. Our artificial turf is lead-free and non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free environment for your family and pets. We use high-quality materials that are safe and sustainable.  Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond safety. We partner with TenCate Grass to develop innovative methods for environmentally conscious artificial grass manufacturing.

Built With Innovation

We’ve been manufacturing turf for over 20 years and are constantly evolving to produce the best products on the market.  With our cutting-edge technologies, we have created stunningly lifelike and ultra-durable synthetic grass.

From our UV-resistant technology to our K29 backings, our turf will withstand all conditions.  Our products are tested for high traffic, and durability as well as tested for fall impact reduction.

Reduce Pollutants, Chemicals, and Pesticides

By installing artificial grass, you no longer have to use pesticides, fertilizers or growth chemicals to get your lawn to stay green. You also reduce carbon emissions by no longer needing a lawn mower when you have artificial grass installed.

Nationwide Shipping & Beyond

We will ship our turf anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Direct from our warehouse in Dalton, GA, you can expect the very best from our warehouse to your project.

Always Evolving

At EnvyLawn, we don’t like just to maintain the status quo. We’ve partnered with TenCate to maintain and produce the best fibers and artificial turf on the planet and have committed to closing the loop of sustainability and reliability of turf in the future.

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