It is always green, year-round, regardless of season changes and is always perfectly trimmed, increasing your property value. Many people are surprised to find that the well-manicured and lush lawn that they’ve been admiring is actually artificial grass.

Boost Curb Appeal

In nearly any location or space, artificial grass is a versatile option, and it’s an ideal choice in many environments, from residential lawns to commercial golf facilities. We make tailored artificial grass for specialized use, like landscaping turf for homes, playground turf, and pet and dog turf.

One of the most common uses for our artificial grass is in residential applications like lawns and landscaping. We even custom-fit our landscaping turf for homes to bring roofs, decks, and patios into the equation.

Our goal is to make your landscaping dreams a reality. One of our many objectives with artificial grass is to make sure you have the best-looking yard on the block. Not only will your yard look beautiful year-round, but you won’t have to do much maintenance to keep it looking great.

Benefits Of Artificial Turf

The primary benefit of using artificial turf is the lack of maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful. You never have to mow or water. Once you choose the right artificial lawn for your home, we install it, and it continues to look that good for years to come with minimal maintenance.

An additional feature of your artificial grass is the amount of water you save by not having to water a traditional lawn every day. Especially in drought-prone regions, an artificial lawn keeps your neighborhood looking great without the extra water use or upkeep.

The Best EnvyLawn Products For Lawns and Landscaping

Our Envy Exclusive products are the best artificial grass for your home or residence.

  • Comprised of the highest and best grade of components and safety measures throughout the manufacturing process, from tufting, coating, secondary coating, and extrusion
  • Exceptional durability with our backing that allows for breathability and drainage
  • Complete with our manufacturers 15-year transferable warranty
  • Custom design build installations
  • Multi-purpose, allowing for a variety of uses for one area depending on your needs Ideally suited to multiple applications – landscape, golf, pet, playground, rooftops, commercial, poolside, and more
  • Helps prevent erosion by protecting the ground beneath and keeping it in place
  • Water preservation as it does not demand watering like traditional sod lawns
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the ultra-realistic look and feel, staying green year round



We offer a best in class warranty for up to 15 years on all of our turf. With synthetic landscaping turf, have peace of mind that your property is looking as though it has just been expertly manicured year round, regardless of the weather.  EnvyLawn offers a wide variety of beautiful artificial turf that can stand up to years of wear and tear, omitting the need for time-consuming lawn care and upkeep.

The Benefits Of Residential Artificial Turf







Why Choose Envylawn

We have extensive experience in producing high-quality turf products. We also design and produce custom lawn care solutions for everything, from commercial to residential applications. We even custom landscape rooftops, decks, and patios to ensure your home or business has the best-looking and functional landscaping in town.

Our certified experts will ensure that you get the perfect grass solution to fit your needs, and it will be installed in the most sustainable way possible. We always work with our local, independent dealers across the nation who can guarantee that your artificial lawn is installed in a way that fits your property and climate.

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