How A Quality Backyard Putting Green Can Lower Your Handicap!

How A Quality Backyard Putting Green Can Lower Your Handicap!

Most golfers understand they’ll never be the next Tiger Woods, but now you can work on your skill in private thanks to backyard putting greens from EnvyLawn. Mastering your golf short game, like any other sport, demands a combination of focus, dedication, and real-world practice. Because golf requires a specialized turf, most players must travel to a public course to play, but installing artificial backyard putting greens allows for practice at the comfort of your home. In fact, installing golf greens at your home can lead to improving your handicap.

Why Our Clients Are Loving Synthetic Backyard Golfing Turf

Golfers must submit themselves to rigorous discipline to improve their short game and lower their strokes. This may entail traveling to distant golf courses to play and practice, which can be inconvenient. Firstly, it’s costly given the current gas prices. Secondly, public golf courses are not always open when you want to practice. For instance, they are only open during business hours, which can cause a conflict if you rely on playing after hours. They also close whenever they are undergoing maintenance or when there is inclement weather. These factors result in significant downtime for avid golfers looking to improve their short game.

To alleviate the inconveniences mentioned above, golfers have turned to EnvyLawn’s artificial backyard putting greens. If you’re serious about improving your short game, our turf is the ideal solution.

Practice & Play at Your Convenience

Golfers recognize that improving their short game needs a high level of dedication. This ranges from keeping your hands soft (chipping), body rotation, finding the right temp, taking advantage of the bounce, and even focus. Failure to consider any of the above factors can result in poor performance.

You can’t rely on public golf courses to improve your short game properly because they may or may not be open when you want to play. An excellent alternative is installing high-end synthetic golf greens in your backyard. You can now improve your skill and become a golfing maestro by playing whenever you want.

Low Maintenance Turf Saves You Money & Times

While natural grass in our backyard has served its purpose well in the past, it is quite labor-intensive. To keep the grass hospitable and weed-free, it must be trimmed and treated regularly. This means costly landscaping contracts for the majority of homeowners. Additionally, many homeowners spend an exorbitant amount of time on their lawns between landscaper visits. Plus, if you’re attempting to practice and improve your putting ability, lawn upkeep tasks can take up a lot of your time and energy. Installing artificial golf greens is a less complicated alternative.

Golf Requires a Highly Consistent Surface

While playing golf on natural grass is possible, it does not present the ideal environment. Even the best golfers will dig up divots in the grass from time to time. This can damage the surface, requiring costly restoration work later.

On the other hand, synthetic golf greens give a smooth, flawless, and consistent surface that is great for golf. It is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear and will retain its majestic look and integrity for many years to come, regardless of use. You’ll never have to deal with dead grass or past divots again.

Professional Installation

It can take a long time to nurture natural grass. This is especially true if your lawn is being prepared for golf. Alternatively, EnvyLawn’s artificial turf is simple to install. Regardless of the size or configuration of your backyard, our skilled designers and installers will create a luxurious putting green lawn that is tailored to your specific needs. This will be done quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Ready To Order?

EnvyLawn has built a solid reputation for quality and expertise. Aside from golf putting greens, our American-made turf is great for residential lawns, commercial use, and other applications such as dog parks and playgrounds. To place an order, contact us today, and our customer service will walk you through the entire process.