Artificial Grass Installation in Anaheim, CA

EnvyLawn is the best pick for artificial grass installation in Anaheim, California.

Artificial Grass Installation in Anaheim, CA

EnvyLawn is the best pick for artificial grass installation in Anaheim, California.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Due to the scorching hot summers accompanied by prolonged water restrictions, maintaining a pristine natural grass lawn in Anaheim is challenging. In addition, California’s forest fires, droughts, and county water restrictions mean maintaining a natural grass lawn in Anaheim is more expensive than ever before.
Installing EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is a common-sense remedy. Not only is our turf heat resistant, but it also does not require water to retain its lush green appearance. This is a welcome respite for commercial and residential customers from high water costs in addition to taking advantage of synthetic turf’s low maintenance qualities.

Artificial Grass

For over three decades, our synthetic grass products have been renowned for their quality, longevity, and aesthetic qualities.

Anaheim, CA, is well known for its intensely hot summers, which often include persistent water restrictions. These wreak havoc on natural grass lawns, making them expensive to maintain. With EnvyLawn’s artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about watering or performing endless landscaping chores. Technological innovations in the synthetic turf industry ensure our artificial grass looks and feels like real grass.

Putting Greens

What is the ideal golfing surface? According to experts, the ideal golf turf strikes a balance between firmness and smoothness. It also handles the impact of the ball without distorting its path. However, when it comes to natural grass, this is a tremendous challenge. The grass must be nurtured extensively to meet golfing requirements. Furthermore, this significantly increases landscaping costs.

A better alternative is EnvyLawn’s synthetic putting greens. Our artificial golf turf meets strict PGA surface requirements and requires no watering or ongoing landscaping work. In addition, our artificial putting greens are quickly and professionally installed in both residential and commercial locations. Want to avoid lengthy commutes to local golf courses? We can help. Install our high-quality golfing turf and enjoy the benefit of playing and practicing at your own leisure. Our turf is also highly resistant to heat, ultraviolet radiation (UV), and water shortages.

Artificial Pet Turf

Pet and dog ownership takes a toll on the owners’ backyard. Dogs love to dig in the yard and under the fence. Not only does this cause severe damage to the grass, but it also is a safety hazard. Additionally, pets run back into the house with muddy paws exasperating their owners.

Eliminate this with the installation of Envypet, our signature artificial pet turf, which is widely renowned for its comfort and durability. In addition to its durability, it is also resistant to pests and fleas. Furthermore, the turf features an excellent drainage system that ensures rainwater or pet urine doesn’t accumulate and cause unpleasant odors. This also means you can use it quickly after a heavy downpour.

Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds

For your own backyard playground, or whether you run a school, public playground, daycare, park, or restaurant, focusing on safety is always the top consideration for wherever kids play. We designed our artificial grass for comfort, durability, and resilience. Our turf’s natural appearance and feel result from the high-quality multi-layered materials utilized in its construction, giving it a soft yet durable surface. EnvyPlay complies with all ASTM fall height requirements, providing children with the protection and safety required during playtime.

Additionally, our turf is resistant to the summer heat and UV rays that normally destroy natural grass in California. Finally, since our turf does not require water to maintain its luster and it stays at the same height year round, you save money on recurring landscaping expenses.

Sustainable Landscaping

Enhance the beauty of your property, save time and money, and create a space that you and your family will love. Don’t wait, get in touch with us now and take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable landscape.

Low Maintenance

Spend less time on upkeep with our low-maintenance artificial grass.


Count on our reputable brand for reliable artificial grass.


Save money with our affordable artificial grass options.


Built to withstand heavy use.

We Are Expanding

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