Artificial Grass for Colorado Springs, CO

Artificial Grass for Colorado Springs, CO

EnvyLawn is a renowned provider of premium artificial grass in Colorado Springs, CO. Whether it’s the harsh Colorado winters or the hot summers, you can count on our extensive experience and knowledge to provide you with the highest quality artificial grass in the industry that is durable and can handle every season, year after year.

EnvyLawn’s artificial turf affords you tremendous peace of mind. Imagine looking outside and seeing lush green grass throughout the year with no need for landscaping work, watering or the addition of chemicals. Not only is this a huge money saver, it’s a time saver as well.

Whether its pet turf, or putting greens turf, we have many different types of high quality synthetic grass to choose from. No matter why you choose artificial grass, it will be one of the best decisions you make.

Your Colorado Springs, Colorado Artificial Grass is Waiting

How can you beat a lush artificial grass lifelike lawn that doesn’t have the maintenance and problems associated with traditional grass? You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood as neighbors gawk at your beautiful green Envy Lawn artificial grass lawn and scowl at their lackluster one. If you’re interested in learning more about synthetic turf, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Residential Grass Stays Green for Years

Winter tends to damage natural grass, leaving it brown and unsightly. When spring comes, the green blades sprout rather quickly followed by weeds. This necessitates constant watering, mowing, weeding and even chemical additives which can be costly (and time consuming). The answer is artificial turf. There’s no maintenance to speak of and the grass looks great all year long. Want to be the envy of your neighbors? Contact us today to discuss custom installation options.

Your Golf Game Has Never Been Better

Do you wish you had a few extra hours a week to improve your putting game? Tired of driving to the golf course just to wait for your tee time? Our artificial putting greens look like they’re from the best courses in the world.

Step into the shoes of the professional golfers as you improve your golf game in your backyard. Designed for durability, our turf eliminates the blemishes and unevenness common in natural grass surfaces. Which can negatively affect ball roll, wobble and overall play.

After a hard day at work, grab your favorite beverage and head out to your artificial putting green to play off stress and relax from the day’s cares.

Commercial Artificial Grass Impresses Customers

Does your business have an average-looking lawn? Do you spend hundreds of dollars a year on a lawn mowing or lawn care to keep it looking lackluster at best? If you want your business to stand out, try our custom commercial artificial grass solutions. Your turf will impress both your employees and customers. The turf is made in the USA and designed for maximum durability.

You’ll enjoy years of beautiful green grass with no maintenance. It takes the punishment of Colorado Springs, Colorado’s harsh winters, and sunny summers with ease.

Playground Turf Protects Colorado Springs, CO Kids

Traditional playground turf such as wood chips or rubber pieces, get everywhere and don’t offer the best protection. Our playground turf provides an even surface that helps prevent trips and falls and has a layer of cushioned protection.

Don’t risk unnecessary scrapes and preventable bruises with your kids when synthetic turf gives you protection beyond what is available with those other surfaces that can sift, bunch or leave bare spots of ground.

Your Pets Will Love Dog Grass

We love our pets like family and want them to be safe and happy. High temperatures cause natural grass to heat up, hurting their paws. Our synthetic grass stays cool, so your pet’s paws never get hurt from the heat.

Ever notice your pet’s favorite bathroom spots tend to look brown and ugly? That’s never the case with pet turf from Envy Lawn. You never have to worry about odor build up, brown spots or dead grass. And a quick pick up of solids and a simple rinse with the hose removes their waste. Our pet lawn, dog run turf, and pet grass is quick draining, hypoallergenic and non abrasive.

Enjoy watching your dog play, knowing there are no fleas or other insects lurking. Artificial grass doesn’t harbor these biting insects making for less of a chance of infestation, discomfort and worry.

Sustainable Landscaping

Enhance the beauty of your property, save time and money, and create a space that you and your family will love. Don’t wait, get in touch with us now and take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable landscape.

Low Maintenance

Spend less time on upkeep with our low-maintenance artificial grass.


Count on our reputable brand for reliable artificial grass.


Save money with our affordable artificial grass options.


Built to withstand heavy use.

We Are Expanding

We’re thrilled to share that we’re expanding to new states, spreading our exceptional services far and wide. This exciting leap forward showcases our dedication to making a difference in communities nationwide.