Artificial Grass Installation in El Paso, TX

EnvyLawn is the preferred choice for artificial grass installation in El Paso, TX.

Artificial Grass Installation in El Paso, TX

EnvyLawn is the preferred choice for artificial grass installation in El Paso, TX.

The Advantages of Artificial Turf

Maintaining natural grass lawns in El Paso, TX, is challenging. The hot, dry summers damage the grass resulting in unsightly brown spots. Additionally, natural grass lawn maintenance requires a tremendous amount of water, which drives up water bills. The answer is EnvyLawn’s artificial grass. Not only is it resistant to heat, but it also does not require water to maintain its luxuriously green appearance. This is a relief to residential and business owners who never have to worry about high water bills or damage to their turf from the brutally hot Texas summers.

Artificial Grass

Our synthetic grass products have been recognized for their quality, resilience, and visual appeal for over three decades. El Paso, TX, is known for its harsh, scorching summers, making it difficult and expensive to maintain a natural grass lawn. With Envylawn’s artificial turf, you never worry about the constant watering or endless landscaping chores. Our turf also looks and feels like genuine grass.

Putting Greens

As a sport, golf requires a near-perfect turf. Anything less ruins the golfing experience. For the best golfing turf, enthusiasts turn to EnvyLawn’s synthetic putting greens. Our artificial golf turf is an excellent choice if you want to always return home to an impeccably green turf where you can play or practice at your leisure. In El Paso, artificial putting greens eliminate the need to deal with brown, dead grass caused by intense heat, Ultra Violet rays (UV), and water shortages.

Our artificial grass also comes with an added benefit for golfers. Are you tired of commuting to distant golf clubs to practice? Install our synthetic turf. It gives you the convenience of playing and practicing at your leisure. If you’re ready to make the transition, our dedicated professionals walk you through the process of transforming your backyard into a stunningly immaculate putting green.

Pet & Dog Grass

Natural grass lawns seem like a great idea until your pet digs holes in them. This causes massive damage to the grass. Then, as if that weren’t enough, they return to the house with muddy paws.

Natural grass also harbors pests, fleas, and allergens, which are health hazards to your pets. The remedy for this is EnvyPet. EnvyLawn’s signature synthetic pet and dog turf is highly resistant to digging and does not harbor pests or fleas. As a result, your pet runs and plays in a comfortable and healthy environment that stays appealing regardless of heavy use. EnvyPet also drains faster than natural grass. This is a considerable advantage because the turf does not retain water whenever it rains and can be used immediately. Additionally, pet urine won’t pool, preventing unpleasant odors.

Playground Turf

Our EnvyPlay playground turf is both kid and pet friendly, providing them with a safe, clean space to play and interact. Great for home backyards or even if you operate a school, daycare center, public playground, park, or restaurant, our turf is made with comfort, safety, and resilience in mind.

The high-quality multi-layered materials used in our turf give it a natural appearance and feel, resulting in a soft yet durable surface. In addition, EnvyPlay meets ASTM fall height standards, offering children the protection and safety necessary for falls, tumbles, and rolls.

Our turf is resilient enough to withstand the harsh Texas summer heat and UV rays that typically damage natural grass. You won’t have fading even in direct sun with our artificial grass and playground turf. In addition, since EnvyPlay requires no water to maintain its appearance, you save money on endless landscaping fees.

Sustainable Landscaping

Enhance the beauty of your property, save time and money, and create a space that you and your family will love. Don’t wait, get in touch with us now and take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable landscape.

Low Maintenance

Spend less time on upkeep with our low-maintenance artificial grass.


Count on our reputable brand for reliable artificial grass.


Save money with our affordable artificial grass options.


Built to withstand heavy use.

We Are Expanding

We’re thrilled to share that we’re expanding to new states, spreading our exceptional services far and wide. This exciting leap forward showcases our dedication to making a difference in communities nationwide.