St. Augustine Pro Soft


Multiple Applications

  • Landscape

General Features

  • Traffic Level: Medium
  • Blade Colors: Field Green/Apple

Natural-Looking Aspect

Product Description

Have a picture-perfect landscape year round with St. Augustine Pro! Featuring a vibrant appearance, St. Augustine Pro Soft showcases a field and apple green blade tone colorway combined with a green and tan thatch to provide a natural aesthetic that rivals the healthiest lawn.  Made with the highest quality materials available, St. Augustine Pro has a 1.625-inch pile height, a 69-ounce pile weight with an Omega Mini blade shape to provide strength and durability without compromising on comfort.  Soft-to-the-touch and built to last, St. Augustine is backed by our 15-year* manufacturing warranty and will provide a perfect complement to your outdoor space.

Recommended Uses

Engineered with comfort in mind, St. Augustine Pro Soft is an artificial turf that is ideal for landscapes in homes and businesses alike – from backyards to retail storefronts, St. Augustine Pro Soft will provide the perfect complement to your outdoor space! Plush while maintaining durability, St. Augustine Pro Soft can be customized to suit any project size.  Designed to provide incredible curb appeal for years to come, St. Augustine Pro Soft will bring your outdoor space to life!



Low maintenance

Product Specifications

Yarn Characteristics
TypeMonofilament PE with Thatch
Face composition8,000
Thatch Composition5,000
ColorsField/Apple Green
Fiber ShapeOmega Mini
Turf Characteristics
Finished Face Weight69 oz
Finished Pile Height1.625 inches
Tufting Gauge3/8 inch
Thatch ColorField Green/Tan
Total Product Weight96.1 oz
Backing Characteristics
Primary Backing7.5 oz, K29 stabilized multi-layered woven polypropylene
Secondary Backing18.0 oz, UltraFlo with Hole Punch

Manufacturing specifications are subject to a variance of +/- 5% for Face Weights and +/- .125” for Pile Heights.

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