EnvyChill helps keep your family and four-legged friends cooler. It has a unique crystalline structure that aids in natural heat reduction through slow evaporative cooling.

Premium Infill With Ultimate Temperature Reduction

Keeping turf cool during the warm seasons can be a challenge. However, with EnvyChill it is easier than ever before to keep your family and four-legged friends cooler and more comfortable. EnvyChill is THE environmentally responsible alternative to help cool down your turf up to 9 degrees.

EnvyChill’s unique crystalline structure aids in natural heat reduction through slow evaporative cooling. With its innovative engineering, it can replace traditional infills, eliminating problems associated with other alternative infill products (like cork or coconut)—decay, flotation, dust, migration (due to wind, rainfall and foot traffic), and the need for constant watering of the turf to maintain efficacy.

Key Attributes Of EnvyChill™

  • Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation
  • Resistant to decay, rot and mildew
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Neutralizes odors, virtually dust-free, non-toxic
  • EnvyChill ™ is a sustainable option as it is produced by living organisms that help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, it is constantly being replenished, it is dredged,not mined, which reduces carbon emissions, and does not contribute to microplastics since it can be fully recycled/repurposed.

Suggested Applications

  • Landscape
  • Lawn
  • Pet & Dog Turf
  • Roof, Deck & Patio

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