Artificial Grass For Hotels

The artificial grass experts from EnvyLawn supply and install numerous artificial turf products for commercial applications in the United States, including hotels. Our superior synthetic grass products are available with differing turf technologies to help fulfill a variety of needs. As a result, we have high-quality artificial grass variants that are ideal for landscaping, pets, small spaces, playgrounds, and more! No matter which of our preferred turf products and technologies you choose for your hotel, you will receive environmentally friendly synthetic turf that is low maintenance, durable, and beautifully green all year-round.

Benefits Of Installing Our Superior Artificial Grass

At EnvyLawn, we provide hotels across the United States with several variations of artificial grass for unique situations. But, no matter which option you choose, you can experience numerous benefits by installing superior artificial grass products from EnvyLawn.

The benefits of installing our modern, American-made artificial turf include:

  • Year-round, green beauty
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven durability
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping
  • Recyclable surfacing
  • No traditional grass allergens
  • Surfaces that are inhospitable to bugs & rodents
  • And so much more!

How Hotels Can Use Synthetic Turf From EnvyLawn

As a manufacturer as well as installer of artificial grass, EnvyLawn has various American-made synthetic turf products available for hotels of all shapes and sizes. With our numerous artificial grass options, you can surely find a product that not only fits your unique needs but the needs of your guests as well.

Our superior synthetic grass products include:

  • Landscaping: For consistently green landscaping, hotels in the U.S. need artificial grass from EnvyLawn. Unlike traditional grass and other landscaping options, our modern synthetic turf maintains a lush, green look throughout its life. For hotels, this helps ensure consistent curb appeal and an ideal first impression.
  • Playground Turf: For hotels that serve and attract families, it can be beneficial to install a playground on the premises. However, safety must be kept in mind when designing or redesigning a play area. To help keep kids safer, hotels can install our artificial playground turf. Unlike conventional grass, wood chips, or sand, our playground turf has added features that make it safer, including heat reduction technology as well as extra padding to help cushion falls.
  • Pet Turf: Our artificial pet turf provides an ideal space for pets and property owners. For pets, our synthetic pet grass is soft and inviting, giving them a space to run, play, or relax. However, for hotel owners, our pet turf is easy to clean and maintain, making it an exceptional choice for keeping outdoor spaces sanitary.
  • Putting Greens: Another family-friendly entertainment option hotels can install is an artificial grass putting green. At EnvyLawn, our synthetic golf greens are among the best in our industry. Not only do our artificial putting greens look and feel like professional golf grass, but they are also easy to maintain and incredibly durable. As a result, they can provide your guests with a fun indoor or outdoor activity for golfers of any age and skill level.
  • Rooftops & Patios: Limited outdoor areas like roofs, decks, and patios can often feel like wastes of space. However, these areas can quickly become relaxing green havens with artificial grass. At EnvyLawn, we supply attractive and low-maintenance artificial turf specifically for roofs, decks, and patios. Hotels can utilize this turf to help reclaim unused or underused outdoor spaces of nearly any kind.



We offer a best in class warranty for up to 15 years on all of our landscape turf. With synthetic landscaping turf, have peace of mind that your property is looking as though it has just been expertly manicured year round, regardless of the weather.  EnvyLawn offers a wide variety of beautiful artificial turf that can stand up to years of wear and tear, omitting the need for time-consuming lawn care and upkeep.

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