Indoor Putting Greens

Practicing golf indoors is a great way to make sure your skills stay sharp when the weather isn’t cooperating, or your schedule isn’t allowing you enough time to shoot a round of golf. The options for indoor putting green setups are as varied as golf courses across the nation. An indoor putting green could be the secret weapon to take your golf game to the next level and be assured EnvyLawn can design a customized indoor putting green to suit your needs.

Why Golf Indoors

Indoor golf may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but for those of us who live in parts of the world that have snow or rain all winter, it’s necessary to find a way to practice at home. Having to relearn all our golf skills every spring sets back our overall progression as a golfer. Even those of us who are stuck inside most of the day for work or school could benefit from using an indoor putting green. EnvyLawn’s EnvyGolf putting green material is specifically unique for indoor putting greens by utilizing the embossed, non-skid backing that has more dimensional stability than the industry standard polyurethane backings.

EnvyLawn is a  leader in artificial lawn production and is highly recognized for our work outside of houses as well as indoors. When you combine the best artificial grass production company along with our dedicated team of passionate golf enthusiasts, you get a custom-designed and professionally installed putting green specifically for you and your unique space that works beautifully. We make it our mission that our love of the game is put to great use by optimizing your space to provide you with the best indoor putting greens money can buy.

Improving Your Short Game

Installing a residential putting green is an easy way to take strokes off your game and improve your overall short game in the privacy of your own home or in your backyard.

Unlike making a trip to the golf course, it’s easy to find time to work on your short game when you have a backyard putting green. Whether you have ten minutes to spare or an hour, practicing a few strokes can really make a difference. After all, it’s consistent and repeated practice that makes one an expert, and those opportunities to practice all add up. Investing in a putting green at home is a perfect solution and a great investment in yourself.

The Best EnvyLawn Products For Putting Greens

  • Our exclusive and innovative non-skid backing system is tri-layered for optimal functionality
  • Easy indoor installation requiring less adhesive over a variety of surfaces from concrete, vinyl, wood, and more
  • Durable adherence that will not shift underfoot regardless of heavy traffic
  • A wonderful addition for your guests to enjoy when you entertain and host parties
  • Provides a wonderful socializing experience for any guest regardless of their golf skill
  • Industry-standard in keeping with the PGA golf tour with a true ball roll speed between 9 ½-10 ½ on stimp meter
  • Exceptional safety features and a nylon fire rated product for ASTM D2859
  • Most innovative nylon two-tone color in the industry
  • Ultra-realistic with a beautiful natural look and feel

EnvyGolf Pro



We offer a best in class warranty for up to 15 years on all of our landscape turf. With synthetic landscaping turf, have peace of mind that your property is looking as though it has just been expertly manicured year round, regardless of the weather.  EnvyLawn offers a wide variety of beautiful artificial turf that can stand up to years of wear and tear, omitting the need for time-consuming lawn care and upkeep.

Enjoyment and Relaxation For Everyone

Installing a residential golf green provides an excellent opportunity for a little good-natured competition with clients, friends and family or to just decompress after a long day.

When you have your own putting green in the backyard, you don’t have to worry about making a reservation at the golf course or trying to squeeze time to play into your busy schedule. The convenience of having your own backyard putting green gives you time, and even just a few minutes a day will help you to improve your game, as well as allow you to take a well-deserved break from your daily stressors.

Our beautiful golf turf is not limited to just the backyard. The real beauty of an EnvyLawn artificial putting green is that it can be designed and installed for any location, so indoors is a great option if you are limited on yard space or just want an indoor putting green.

The Benefits Of Indoor Putting Greens







Where To Put Your Indoor Putting Green?

The most common question asked in regard to indoor putting greens is “Where to put it?”. While most often, your space constraints won’t allow for us to fit an entire golf course inside, there are ways to make room for your ideal putting green.

Basement Putting Greens

For those with a little more space, consider installing a putting green in your basement. Even though more space is required for installation, it doesn’t take up much more room once it’s in since it just becomes part of the floor. The main benefit here is that you can practice putting from many different angles. It’s as much fun as having a pool table in your basement but for half the cost.

Options Are Endless

Our wide selection of putting green products will allow you to customize everything from the grass’s look to the rolling resistance the blades of grass and cut can offer –that is exactly like what the golf pros use. We even provide putting greens at varying lengths, which offers different ball-rolling resistances to challenge you and allow you to have your short game dialed in.

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