5 Popular Applications For Commercial Artificial Grass

5 Popular Applications For Commercial Artificial Grass

With traditional grass requiring an abundance of water and other forms of costly maintenance, many environmentally and economically minded people are switching to commercial artificial grass from EnvyLawn. If you are curious to learn more about synthetic grass, our friendly team is here to help! Because while many Americans believe artificial grass is only useful for decoration, there are countless popular applications due to its many advantages over conventional grass surfaces!

Read on to learn more about our commercial artificial turf and the five most popular applications for it across the United States:

#1. Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings require a great deal of decoration and beautification to help attract and retain renters. To accomplish this, apartment building owners will often employ artificial grass for a variety of areas, such as lawns and landscaping.

But why use commercial synthetic turf from EnvyLawn instead of traditional grass? One of the many reasons is to make grass surfaces at apartments beautiful year-round and weatherproof. As temperatures change in most parts of the United States, many sensitive breeds of grass will turn brown or die off. This is because winter can freeze grass, while summer can cause droughts or dehydration.

For a commercial application like an apartment building or complex, having the first appearance of your property be dead grass is awful! Fortunately, our superior commercial artificial grass maintains its luster throughout the whole year – regardless of temperature. Not only does this help add a year-round benefit, but it also cuts down on maintenance expenses. So rather than spending time and money watering, trimming, weeding, and caring for grass, you can focus on other aspects of your apartments!

#2 Store Fronts

Similar to apartment buildings, storefronts can benefit from using our preferred artificial grass over conventional grass. By doing so, they are able to add a beautiful, nature-like aesthetic to their property without needing to spend time and money on upkeep. This makes our commercial synthetic grass an ideal investment in visual appeal as well as cost-effectiveness!

With an artificial grass storefront, retail locations can better commit to being environmentally friendly. Due to not needing water, mowing, or chemicals, our commercial artificial grass is far better for the environment than traditional sod. So it can help cut down on a business’ carbon footprint and conserve water!

#3 Dog Kennels & Pet Boarding

At EnvyLawn, our commercial artificial grass is available in specializations, including for dogs and pets. As such, dog kennels, pet boarding facilities, and other pet businesses will prefer our artificial grass over conventional grass. This is because when one is caring for dozens of animals, having a safe and sterile environment is crucial.

Sadly, traditional grass can carry bugs and parasites, so dogs rolling around in conventional grass may encounter ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other pests. These pests stay in a dog’s fur, which can be transferred to the owner when the dog is picked up. Many kennels avoid this issue by ensuring they use a surface that dogs will love, while pests hate: artificial turf.

A second reason why pet businesses should switch to commercial synthetic turf is the issue of pet waste. Dogs and other pets will often relieve themselves on grass. Unfortunately, with conventional grass, this waste usually stays and can lead to unpleasant and unhygienic conditions. Thankfully, our artificial pet turf makes it easier to clean pet waste. Liquids flow through our turf easier than grass and soil. This feature helps cut down on unpleasant odors and helps stop exposure to a build-up of pet waste.

#4 Installation By General Contractors

When given a landscaping project, many general contractors prefer American-made turf for surfaces. At EnvyLawn, our commercial synthetic turf is excellent for commercial landscaping projects and easy for experienced installers like general contractors and their teams to work with. Using our high-quality synthetic grass for a commercial endeavor can drastically reduce maintenance bills for your clients. It will also provide a surface that always appears beautiful and healthy!

#5 Use By Architects

Architects can also benefit from incorporating our commercial artificial grass to perfect the appearance of their latest designs. Because conventional grass wilts and changes color, some architects shy away from it, desiring something more consistent. Instead, they can choose our artificial turf since it will continuously match their design – even years after it has come to life.

Why Choose EnvyLawn?

At EnvyLawn, we specialize in every application possible for artificial grass. One of our greatest benefits is our lengthy list of turf products for commercial applications. These include but are not limited to:

Bermuda Elite
Clover Premium
Fescue Rec
Premium Play

With our wide variety, you can pick the turf that most fits your commercial endeavor. Are you installing turf for a kennel or private dog park? EnvyPet is ideal for remaining pet-safe! Installing turf on a soccer field or a similar sports area? Our EnvyPlay and Premium Play turfs are perfect for outdoor activities! You have unique needs for your surfaces, and here at EnvyLawn, we can provide a synthetic surface to help meet them.

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Commercial artificial grass from EnvyLawn provides several significant benefits, making it ideal for numerous applications. Some of the most popular applications include apartment landscaping, storefronts, and dog and pet businesses. It is also ideal for use by general contractors and architects. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote for commercial artificial turf today!