Why Artificial Turf Installation Is The Perfect Complement to Your Pool

In the summertime, your pool is your perfect place to relax and unwind. Artificial turf makes your at-home swimming pool even more of an escape by creating a beautiful, low-maintenance space to lounge!

Unlike other materials like slab and concrete, synthetic grass offers a slew of benefits for pool owners to use. We’ve compiled the top four reasons to use artificial turf on your pool deck below!

Artificial Turf Installation Improves Pool Safety

Safety is always the No. 1 priority when it comes to residential and commercial pool installations. Unlike concrete slabs, natural grass, and other common pool area materials, artificial turf helps prevent falls.

This is because our turf contains excellent drainage that stops water from pooling and creating a slippery surface. It also offers more traction than smooth materials like pavers, as well as more shock absorption if a fall does occur.

Synthetic Grass Creates Low-Maintenance Pool Deck

If you’re tired of dealing with brown spots and mud on your natural grass, artificial turf is the ideal solution for your pool area!

Synthetic grass stays green and plush almost entirely on its own, a welcome relief for homeowners who are tired of mowing and fertilizing around their outdoor pool. You’ll need little more than the occasional pet waste pick-up to keep your backyard looking great.

EnvyLawn Needs No Fertilizers Or Pesticides

Keeping natural grass alive and green often requires chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only can these irritate your skin and airway, but they can also run into your pool and compromise the safety of the water.

Synthetic grass is chemical-free, creating a safer, cleaner environment for your family and guests to enjoy!

Artificial Grass Looks Incredible Around a Pool

The growing popularity of synthetic grass is largely due to how versatile it is! From front lawns to sprawling commercial landscaping projects, high-quality synthetic turf can be customized to suit nearly any application.

Regardless of the shape or size of your swimming pool, EnvyLawn can create something stunning to complement it. Our extensive network of artificial turf installation contractors has the tools and expertise to bring your vision to life!

High-Quality Turf Has a Great ROI

Your friends and family spend as much time as possible gathered around the pool; make sure your pool deck lasts as long as possible!

Unlike natural grass, EnvyLawn artificial turf won’t be damaged by chlorine, heavy foot traffic, or excess water splashing over the edge of your pool. Our materials are made with the most durable synthetic fibers in the industry to ensure your installation will stand the test of time.

We’re proud to have been a leader in synthetic grass design and installation for over three decades. For more information about our products and artificial grass installation services, give us a call at 888-368-9596 or contact us online today!

How Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass Reduces Water Bills & Landscaping Costs

Artificial grass from EnvyLawn is becoming an increasingly popular choice regarding landscaping for homes, businesses, and more. It not only looks beautiful, but it can even help you save quite a bit of money on your water bills and landscaping costs as well. So let’s dive further into the details of our artificial grass and see how these factors help make it so cost-effective!

How Can Eco Friendly Artificial Grass Help You Save Money?

At EnvyLawn, our American-made artificial turf is made up of high-quality synthetic and sustainable materials. Due to the use of these materials and our unique turf technologies, our artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance.

Here are some specific reasons why our synthetic grass is a better option for your residential and commercial landscaping:

Does Artificial Turf Save Water? Yes, It Does!

One of the biggest perks to synthetic turf is that it never needs watering because it does not grow! So with it, you won’t need to worry about killing it through over or underwatering. It will also help prevent puddling and muddy areas. Even if your area goes through a drought spell, you can expect our artificial grass to always be green and beautiful.

By opting for eco-friendly artificial grass from EnvyLawn, you can cut down on your outdoor water usage significantly. This will help lower your water bills, potentially allowing you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. It will also help your community by allowing water to be used for other purposes. This makes our artificial turf incredibly beneficial for you and others as well!

Reducing Landscaping Costs With Artificial Grass

Landscaping maintenance with traditional grass can be tiresome. With it, home and business owners need to worry about multiple responsibilities to help it look and feel its best, including the following:

  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Trimming edges
  • Fertilizing
  • Removing weeds

Without being consistent with all of these upkeep activities, you can expect conventional grass to quickly get out of control or possibly even die off. Fortunately, our artificial grass has few maintenance requirements. You do not need to do any of the above tasks to keep it in good shape. This means less work for you and more money in your pocket if you typically hire a landscaping company to take care of your traditional grass for you.

EnvyLawn’s Selection Of Grass Products


One of our most popular options is our artificial grass lawns. We have a variety of textures, colors, and blade lengths for lawns. They are perfect for front and backyards and can handle plenty of foot traffic from family and friends. As a result, you can allow kids and pets to play on it, host parties, and do so much more without worrying about someone ruining your lawn.

Pet Grass

If you have pets, such as dogs, they probably spend quite a bit of time outside. From this typically comes yellow stains and smelly odors from them using your grass as a restroom. Thankfully, artificial pet grass from EnvyLawn will not get yellow stains! It’s also antibacterial and easy to clean to help prevent unwanted odors. With this pet-friendly grass, you can allow your pets outside without any concerns of them ruining it.

Playground Turf

At EnvyLawn, our playground turf is the preferred artificial grass to help reduce injury chances. This specialized turf creates a soft and cushioned area for children to play on, which is much safer than sand, cement, or wood chips. It’s also strong and durable, allowing it to handle constant foot traffic and last for years without issues. Consider one of our many playground turf options, including EnvyPlay, Premium Play, or EnvyWoven.

Putting Greens

Putting greens made with our superior artificial turf provide an amazing surface for golf-related activities. We have both indoor and outdoor putting greens for you to choose from, which give a professional look, great drainage, and allow for design customization. Our team is happy to help you create the putting course you have always wanted.

Landscaping Grass

Artificial landscaping grass is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s often best for spaces such as parks, pool areas, and large yard areas. Similar to our turf for lawns, you can choose the color, blade length, and texture that you want.


Contact Us at EnvyLawn Today To Learn More!

If you are thinking about creating a more eco-friendly landscape on your property, contact us at EnvyLawn today to discuss which of our many artificial grass options will work best for you! We are happy to assist you with any questions and help you jumpstart the design process. By owning one of our beautiful artificial grass lawn installations you gain a gorgeous, green landscape that will save you water and money over time!

5 Popular Applications For Commercial Artificial Grass

With traditional grass requiring an abundance of water and other forms of costly maintenance, many environmentally and economically minded people are switching to commercial artificial grass from EnvyLawn. If you are curious to learn more about synthetic grass, our friendly team is here to help! Because while many Americans believe artificial grass is only useful for decoration, there are countless popular applications due to its many advantages over conventional grass surfaces!

Read on to learn more about our commercial artificial turf and the five most popular applications for it across the United States:

#1. Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings require a great deal of decoration and beautification to help attract and retain renters. To accomplish this, apartment building owners will often employ artificial grass for a variety of areas, such as lawns and landscaping.

But why use commercial synthetic turf from EnvyLawn instead of traditional grass? One of the many reasons is to make grass surfaces at apartments beautiful year-round and weatherproof. As temperatures change in most parts of the United States, many sensitive breeds of grass will turn brown or die off. This is because winter can freeze grass, while summer can cause droughts or dehydration.

For a commercial application like an apartment building or complex, having the first appearance of your property be dead grass is awful! Fortunately, our superior commercial artificial grass maintains its luster throughout the whole year – regardless of temperature. Not only does this help add a year-round benefit, but it also cuts down on maintenance expenses. So rather than spending time and money watering, trimming, weeding, and caring for grass, you can focus on other aspects of your apartments!

#2 Store Fronts

Similar to apartment buildings, storefronts can benefit from using our preferred artificial grass over conventional grass. By doing so, they are able to add a beautiful, nature-like aesthetic to their property without needing to spend time and money on upkeep. This makes our commercial synthetic grass an ideal investment in visual appeal as well as cost-effectiveness!

With an artificial grass storefront, retail locations can better commit to being environmentally friendly. Due to not needing water, mowing, or chemicals, our commercial artificial grass is far better for the environment than traditional sod. So it can help cut down on a business’ carbon footprint and conserve water!

#3 Dog Kennels & Pet Boarding

At EnvyLawn, our commercial artificial grass is available in specializations, including for dogs and pets. As such, dog kennels, pet boarding facilities, and other pet businesses will prefer our artificial grass over conventional grass. This is because when one is caring for dozens of animals, having a safe and sterile environment is crucial.

Sadly, traditional grass can carry bugs and parasites, so dogs rolling around in conventional grass may encounter ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other pests. These pests stay in a dog’s fur, which can be transferred to the owner when the dog is picked up. Many kennels avoid this issue by ensuring they use a surface that dogs will love, while pests hate: artificial turf.

A second reason why pet businesses should switch to commercial synthetic turf is the issue of pet waste. Dogs and other pets will often relieve themselves on grass. Unfortunately, with conventional grass, this waste usually stays and can lead to unpleasant and unhygienic conditions. Thankfully, our artificial pet turf makes it easier to clean pet waste. Liquids flow through our turf easier than grass and soil. This feature helps cut down on unpleasant odors and helps stop exposure to a build-up of pet waste.

#4 Installation By General Contractors

When given a landscaping project, many general contractors prefer American-made turf for surfaces. At EnvyLawn, our commercial synthetic turf is excellent for commercial landscaping projects and easy for experienced installers like general contractors and their teams to work with. Using our high-quality synthetic grass for a commercial endeavor can drastically reduce maintenance bills for your clients. It will also provide a surface that always appears beautiful and healthy!

#5 Use By Architects

Architects can also benefit from incorporating our commercial artificial grass to perfect the appearance of their latest designs. Because conventional grass wilts and changes color, some architects shy away from it, desiring something more consistent. Instead, they can choose our artificial turf since it will continuously match their design – even years after it has come to life.

Why Choose EnvyLawn?

At EnvyLawn, we specialize in every application possible for artificial grass. One of our greatest benefits is our lengthy list of turf products for commercial applications. These include but are not limited to:

Bermuda Elite
Clover Premium
Fescue Rec
Premium Play

With our wide variety, you can pick the turf that most fits your commercial endeavor. Are you installing turf for a kennel or private dog park? EnvyPet is ideal for remaining pet-safe! Installing turf on a soccer field or a similar sports area? Our EnvyPlay and Premium Play turfs are perfect for outdoor activities! You have unique needs for your surfaces, and here at EnvyLawn, we can provide a synthetic surface to help meet them.

Get a Quote For Our Commercial Artifical Grass Today!

Commercial artificial grass from EnvyLawn provides several significant benefits, making it ideal for numerous applications. Some of the most popular applications include apartment landscaping, storefronts, and dog and pet businesses. It is also ideal for use by general contractors and architects. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote for commercial artificial turf today!


Artificial Grass From EnvyLawn Sets a New Standard in Aesthetics & Cost-Effectiveness

At EnvyLawn, we are pushing the standards for aesthetics and cost-effectiveness for modern artificial grass. These are no longer the days of having to choose between functionality and beauty. Now, with our advancements in the industry, you can have the best of both worlds with durable, long-lasting synthetic turf that is stunning in color and realistic in appearance.

If you have ever envisioned a grand, green expanse where every blade of grass is healthy-looking and dynamic throughout every season of the year, without time-intensive and costly maintenance, synthetic grass from EnvyLawn can help make that dream into a reality. We have carefully designed our turf to look authentic with striking shades of green. As a result, our superior artificial grass products can outdo natural grass landscaping any day of the week.

With EnvyLawn, you can quickly elevate your property in looks and value with our stunning synthetic turf. The outer appearance of your home or business is the first thing people see. Thankfully, you can make a significant impression on your guests, clients, and employees with an artificial green space that consistently captures the essence of nature. Our synthetic grass is ultra-realistic and looks just as fabulous years later as it did on the first day it’s installed. With it, you can say goodbye to unsightly landscaping for once and for all.

Unlock Your Imagination With Our Different Lines Of Artificial Grass

  • Artificial Lawns – residential and commercial
  • Landscaping Turf – Lush, green expanses
  • Pet & Dog Turf – Safer, cleaner space for pets to play
  • Playground turf – Help protect children from falls & injuries
  • Roof, Deck & Patio – Reclaim unused or underused areas
  • Golf Greens – Play like a professional with our greens
  • Fringe Grass – Up your game without the hassle of fringe maintenance
  • Indoor Putting Greens – Practice your putts anytime
  • Backyard Putting Greens – Enjoy your weekends like never before

EnvyLawn: the Premier Choice

Now that you see all of the possibilities with synthetic turf, it is essential to select a company with high-quality products and a proven reputation. Installing artificial grass is an investment not only for your property but also for your future. So stick with the best by choosing EnvyLawn! Our Georgia-based company has almost 40 years of experience! Our gorgeous artificial grass products exceed industry standards and are manufacturer direct. We can help you customize your landscaping with our artificial turf that is made in the United States.

EnvyLawn is an innovative company that puts our clients’ needs first. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the nation, and we are proud to be a part of their residential and commercial landscaping projects. Everyone deserves to have landscaping that is affordable and low-maintenance, and that is precisely what we can offer you at EnvyLawn today.

Here are a few more key reasons to select EnvyLawn as your artificial grass supplier:

  • CAD capabilities for designers
  • Custom designs for your projects
  • Best in class warranty

At EnvyLawn, we pride ourselves on being a leader in artificial turf. Through hard work and dedication, we have helped people in all sorts of industries transform their landscaping into a beautiful, drought-resistant space that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are a homeowner or a high-volume contractor, we will help pair you with the synthetic turf that will perfectly suit your needs. You can get it right the first time with EnvyLawn!

We have decades of experience working with:

  • Commercial businesses
  • Contractors
  • Municipalities & parks
  • Dog parks & pet facilities
  • Schools, college campuses, & daycares
  • Architects, engineers, & designers

Ultimate Benefits: Beauty & Functionality

EnvyLawn wants you to reap all the benefits of switching to synthetic turf for your landscaping. Fortunately, there are many! With our first-rate artificial grass, you do not have to sacrifice appearance for functionality.

Our luxury landscaping also helps solve many landscaping issues that typically arise with owning natural grass. Organic landscaping often requires a lot of water and a surprisingly high amount of maintenance. So much work goes into it, such as mowing, trimming, seeding, reseeding, fertilizing, de-weeding, and more. Sadly, even with a constant commitment to maintenance, natural grass often doesn’t live up to expectations.

Thankfully, our artificial grass delights with its consistent, perfectly manicured appearance. Plus, owning it comes with benefits that help save you substantial amounts of money, time, and needless hard work.

Benefits of owning synthetic turf include:

  • No watering
  • No mowing
  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • No mud or mess
  • Inhospitable to bugs and rodents
  • No erosion
  • Allergen-free
  • Safer & non-toxic
  • Specialized applications and options

What could be better than landscaping that is always well-manicured, extremely durable against wear and tear, and cost-effective? Your investment into synthetic turf will carry you forward into the future with an eye-catching lawn and a high return. By working with us at EnvyLawn, you get a green expanse that is multi-purpose, easy to clean, and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Ultra-Realistic Artificial Grass Selections

With EnvyLawn, you have a wide selection of synthetic turf products to choose from. We work closely with each of our customers to help pair you with the type of artificial turf that is ideal for your project. Our team of professionals is specially trained and will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Never be embarrassed about your landscaping again with a pristine space that always stays green! Your home or business will always be ready for guests with EnvyLawn artificial grass. Here are some of the incredible options that we have to offer at EnvyLawn:

General Landscaping

Clover Premium – Rich greens that are full, lush, & resilient
Fescue Pro – Hyper-realistic turf that is dense & multi-dimensional
Fescue Rec – Ultra-dense & luxurious turf with intense greens
Fescue Elite – Tall & whimsical blades with proven durability
EnvySod – Brilliant forest green with gentle yellow highlights

Playground Selections

EnvyWoven – Dense, patented woven system for extreme durability
EnvyPlay (EDPL) – IPEMA-certified playground turf that is soft, dense & vibrant
Premium Play (ECPL) – Multi-color, medium-dense playground turf

Pet & Dog Turf Selections

EnvyPet – Safer turf with odor control and fast drainage

Golf Greens

EnvyGolf – Innovative & durable turf that meets industry standards for PGA tours

Roof, Deck, & Patio

EnvyLush – Perfect pile height & durability for roofs, decks, & patios
EnvyRye – An inspired thick turf with delicate greens

Advanced Technologies

Artificial grass has come a long way over the last few decades. But, especially from the neon green grass of the 1970s.” To the first sentence. still picturing neon green grass that looks like a shaggy 1970’s carpet, then you have some little catching up to do. At EnvyLawn, we have invested decades of research and development to incorporate advanced technologies into our synthetic turf. Natural grass has extreme limitations, but our artificial grass performs to remarkably high levels. For instance, who wants to sit or play on grass that is unpleasantly hot, sticky, and itchy on your skin, or a lawn that constantly gets muddy and full of holes? If that doesn’t sound appealing, then switching to artificial grass from EnvyLawn should help!

Check out the phenomenally advanced technologies we are currently using in our artificial turf products:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction
  • EnvyFlo – Fast, even drainage across the entire surface
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA-certified, thick antimicrobial foam underlayment
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear and tear sections
  • K29 Primary Backing – Incredibly sturdy backing that helps keep turf looking flawless

CAD Capabilities For Designers & Contractors

You do not have to wait for the finished installation to get a vivid glimpse of your new synthetic turf landscaping. EnvyLawn takes pride in staying current with available technologies, and we want to make sure that architects, designers, and contractors have the best available tools to do their jobs. With our full-color layered PDFs, you can quickly see each layer of a project clearly and adjust materials and measurements with designated inputs for variables. Our PDFs are CAD ready, and you can import them into your existing software. As you develop your plans, the documents can be emailed or printed at any time to keep your clients in the know.

EnvyLawn also offers layered DWG plans as well in black and white for your convenience. Take advantage of this phenomenal technology to plan and view various installation methods, such as landscaping, pet areas, playgrounds, and roofs or decks.

Get a Quote From EnvyLawn Today!

Artificial grass from EnvyLawn is a stunningly gorgeous and textured material that can help home and business owners save money and increase their aesthetics. Our high-quality synthetic turf is manufactured in the United States with an abundance of additional technologies available for incorporation, including heat reduction, quick drainage, and more. This makes our artificial turf an incredibly beneficial surfacing material for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic grass is evergreen, low maintenance, durable, and friendlier to the environment. As a result, it can help home and business owners save time and money throughout its extended life.

Whether you choose to install synthetic turf for a sweeping lawn, playground, pet park, or any other project, be sure to choose the artificial grass experts from EnvyLawn. Our company has high-quality products that enhance landscaping projects as well as the expertise to help pair you with specially designed turf to benefit a space as much as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our first-rate, American-made artificial grass products or get a quote!

Artificial Grass for Landscaping is The Modern Way Forward

Artificial grass from EnvyLawn is an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass for landscaping, making it the modern way forward in the United States and abroad. Despite the best efforts of homeowners and landscapers, natural grass simply cannot keep up with the evolving technologies in the synthetic turf industry. At EnvyLawn, we have spent decades perfecting our artificial turf, making it look and feel like traditional sod without most of its drawbacks. As a result, we believe our artificial grass is the modern way forward, and we want you to join us in making this low-maintenance, eco-friendly landscaping material more popular than ever.

The Future Of Landscaping Is Here

Natural grass landscaping is a style of the past. This traditional material is high-maintenance and unreliable. In some cases, all it takes is a little winter frost or heavy rain to potentially destroy parts of or entire natural grass lawns that had been carefully maintained. Despite all of the time, effort, or money home and business owners put into natural grass, it can easily be subject to outside influences and fail to live up to its potential.

At EnvyLawn, we understand that people take pride in the curb appeal of their homes and businesses. You want your property to consistently look its best. Thanks to our artificial grass, this dream is closer to reality than ever before. Why have muddy, yellowing, balding, and bug-filled natural grass when you can step into the future with gorgeous synthetic turf that stays vibrantly green year-round with little to no maintenance? With our synthetic turf, home and business owners can skip the costly watering, mowing, chemicals, and seeding. Instead, their artificial grass landscaping will remain full and green year-round, making it a cost-effective investment in today’s modern world.

EnvyLawn’s Advanced Technologies

Modern living should be economical, simple, eco-conscious, and technologically advanced. With artificial grass, your residential or commercial property can be all of these things and more. Our innovative synthetic turf technologies help us achieve this for our customers.

Our advanced technologies for artificial grass include:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation.
  • EnvyFlo – Fast even drainage across the entire surface at 700+ in/hr rate.
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA Certified thick antimicrobial foam underlayment.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.

In combining our synthetic turf with these technologies, our customers receive artificial landscaping tailored to their unique needs. What could be more modern than that?

Innovative Uses For Artificial Grass

As modern living has evolved over the years, artificial grass has evolved with it. As a result, our synthetic turf is an ideal surfacing material for numerous projects and purposes. For example, a dog park can be transformed by inviting, durable, and easy to clean artificial grass, making it ideal for both pets and their owners.

Some of the most common applications for our high-quality artificial turf include:

  • Landscaping
  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • Pet & dog turf
  • Playground turf
  • Roof, deck, & patio
  • Golf & putting Greens
  • Schools, college campuses, & daycare facilities
  • Municipalities & parks

Whether for residential or commercial properties, our high-quality synthetic grass can help reduce maintenance costs, look stunning, and provide a comfortable outdoor space for people to use and enjoy. In some cases, artificial turf landscaping can also potentially increase the overall property value.

Get a Free Quote From EnvyLawn Today!

EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is the modern way forward. Our synthetic turf is ultra-realistic, durable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic turf retains its striking green color and full look every day of the year without watering or other forms of maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for residential and commercial customers across the United States. For more information on our modern, high-quality artificial grass or to place an order, contact us today to receive a free quote!

Artificial Playground Turf: The Safer Alternative for Children

Children across the United States are the future, and at EnvyLawn, we want to help keep them safer while playing with our artificial playground turf. Our team has spent decades developing our artificial playground turf. We are excited to share our multiple options for both residential and commercial purposes.

Are you designing a school playground or a daycare play area? EnvyLawn will work with you every step of the way to make sure your space is safer. Follow along as we look at the incredible benefits of choosing our synthetic playground grass over any others.

Benefits Of Artificial Playground Turf

In the past, it has been common to have natural grass, sand, or wood chips as surfacing for play areas. But is that really the best option? These options typically come with a hefty price tag and require constant maintenance. Worst of all, they can also contribute to injuries during playtime. At EnvyLawn, we prioritize safety when developing and installing artificial playground turf.

The benefits of our synthetic playground grass include:

  • IPEMA certified
  • Non-toxic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Allergen-free
  • Does not attract bugs
  • Does not require the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • Helps to reduce serious fall injuries
  • Helps to reduce secondary injuries (cuts, scrapes, bruises)
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean

At EnvyLawn, our artificial playground turf is safer, incredibly durable, ultra-realistic, and pleasing to the eye. You will be astonished at the vibrant, natural colors and dimensions. Switching to synthetic playground grass for your home, park, school, daycare, or business can also add value to your property.

Let’s not forget about our furry companions! At EnvyLawn, we also offer safer, more durable artificial grass options for pets and dogs. Like our playground turf, our synthetic pet turf is high-quality, easy to clean, and safer for your four-legged friends. This makes it an ideal choice for pets and their owners.

EnvyLawn Technologies

The team from EnvyLawn has developed several artificial turf technologies. Not only do we want children to play safer, but we also want them to be more comfortable. As a result, we have created six advanced technologies to help make our synthetic playground grass more comfortable, safer, and more durable. From proper drainage to temperature control, our artificial turf has critical benefits that can help you provide an ideal environment for play.

Here are the six advanced technologies that EnvyLawn offers for our artificial grass and playground turf:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation.
  • EnvyFlo – Fast even drainage across the entire surface at 700+ in/hr rate.
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA Certified thick antimicrobial foam underlayment.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.
  • K29 Primary Backing – Incredibly sturdy backing that keeps grass looking flawless.

Innovative Playground Turf Selections

EnvyLawn offers three variations of high-quality artificial playground turf. You can work with our highly trained professionals to help select the synthetic turf option that works best for you and your needs.

Our primary artificial playground turf options include:

  • EnvyPlay (EDPL) – IPEMA certified playground turf that is soft, dense, & vibrant
  • Premium Play (ECPL) – Multi-color medium dense playground turf
  • EnvyWoven (EDEW) – Patented woven system that is incredibly durable
  • With our synthetic playground grass, you can provide children with a safer playing environment no matter which option you choose.

Why Choose EnvyLawn?

Not just any artificial playground turf will be a safer option for your playground. EnvyLawn is dedicated to being the premier provider of synthetic playground grass, and there is a good reason why. We have decades of experience in the artificial grass industry, and our high-quality synthetic playground turf is made right here in the United States with our exclusive comfort and safety technologies.