Here’s How Artificial Pet Turf Keeps Dog Runs Safe and Healthy

Dog runs are the perfect solution for pet owners who want their pups to have a place to run and play off-leash but don’t want them tearing into flower beds or other areas of their landscaping. By creating a fenced-off area for your furry friends to use, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind each time you let them outdoors.

The ideal dog run is created with the durability and antimicrobial properties needed to withstand heavy pet use. Artificial pet turf offers homeowners the perfect solution; keep reading to see why our pet turf is the best option for your dog’s play area!

Artificial Turf Infill Helps Kill Bacteria

Where pets go, accidents follow. Our artificial pet turf can be installed using antimicrobial infill that helps kill germs and neutralize odors. As a result,  your pets will enjoy a clean, fresh space with minimal upkeep required! You’ll need little more than to remove solid waste and occasionally rinse with a hose to prevent insects and odors.

Synthetic Grass Has Superior Drainage

One of the biggest frustrations of a dog owner is cleaning up after they drag mud into your home. When you have natural grass, this problem is almost inevitable – mud forms and sticks to their paws (and face, and everywhere else) after a rain or even just after the sprinklers go off.

Our pet turf is crafted with highly efficient drainage to ensure water and liquid waste are quickly eliminated from the surface of your dog run. Your pets will run back indoors as clean and dry as possible! No need for a bath every time they go outside to play for a few hours.

Pet Turf Is Easy To Maintain & Clean

You’ve got enough on your plate; make landscaping maintenance as easy as possible by opting for pet turf! Our artificial grass never needs to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. It can’t be dug up by your dogs, and they’ll never track grass clippings back into the house on their fur!

At EnvyLawn, we’ve perfected our pet turf design for optimal performance. Our network of artificial grass installation contractors will custom-create your perfect dog run, whether that’s a small backyard area or a commercial doggy daycare center! Our non-toxic, top-rated turf products are your best bet for keeping your pets safe, happy, and healthy. For more information and a complimentary quote, contact us online or call 888-368-9596 today!

Why Artificial Turf Installation Is The Perfect Complement to Your Pool

In the summertime, your pool is your perfect place to relax and unwind. Artificial turf makes your at-home swimming pool even more of an escape by creating a beautiful, low-maintenance space to lounge!

Unlike other materials like slab and concrete, synthetic grass offers a slew of benefits for pool owners to use. We’ve compiled the top four reasons to use artificial turf on your pool deck below!

Artificial Turf Installation Improves Pool Safety

Safety is always the No. 1 priority when it comes to residential and commercial pool installations. Unlike concrete slabs, natural grass, and other common pool area materials, artificial turf helps prevent falls.

This is because our turf contains excellent drainage that stops water from pooling and creating a slippery surface. It also offers more traction than smooth materials like pavers, as well as more shock absorption if a fall does occur.

Synthetic Grass Creates Low-Maintenance Pool Deck

If you’re tired of dealing with brown spots and mud on your natural grass, artificial turf is the ideal solution for your pool area!

Synthetic grass stays green and plush almost entirely on its own, a welcome relief for homeowners who are tired of mowing and fertilizing around their outdoor pool. You’ll need little more than the occasional pet waste pick-up to keep your backyard looking great.

EnvyLawn Needs No Fertilizers Or Pesticides

Keeping natural grass alive and green often requires chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only can these irritate your skin and airway, but they can also run into your pool and compromise the safety of the water.

Synthetic grass is chemical-free, creating a safer, cleaner environment for your family and guests to enjoy!

Artificial Grass Looks Incredible Around a Pool

The growing popularity of synthetic grass is largely due to how versatile it is! From front lawns to sprawling commercial landscaping projects, high-quality synthetic turf can be customized to suit nearly any application.

Regardless of the shape or size of your swimming pool, EnvyLawn can create something stunning to complement it. Our extensive network of artificial turf installation contractors has the tools and expertise to bring your vision to life!

High-Quality Turf Has a Great ROI

Your friends and family spend as much time as possible gathered around the pool; make sure your pool deck lasts as long as possible!

Unlike natural grass, EnvyLawn artificial turf won’t be damaged by chlorine, heavy foot traffic, or excess water splashing over the edge of your pool. Our materials are made with the most durable synthetic fibers in the industry to ensure your installation will stand the test of time.

We’re proud to have been a leader in synthetic grass design and installation for over three decades. For more information about our products and artificial grass installation services, give us a call at 888-368-9596 or contact us online today!

Artificial Grass for Landscaping is The Modern Way Forward

Artificial grass from EnvyLawn is an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass for landscaping, making it the modern way forward in the United States and abroad. Despite the best efforts of homeowners and landscapers, natural grass simply cannot keep up with the evolving technologies in the synthetic turf industry. At EnvyLawn, we have spent decades perfecting our artificial turf, making it look and feel like traditional sod without most of its drawbacks. As a result, we believe our artificial grass is the modern way forward, and we want you to join us in making this low-maintenance, eco-friendly landscaping material more popular than ever.

The Future Of Landscaping Is Here

Natural grass landscaping is a style of the past. This traditional material is high-maintenance and unreliable. In some cases, all it takes is a little winter frost or heavy rain to potentially destroy parts of or entire natural grass lawns that had been carefully maintained. Despite all of the time, effort, or money home and business owners put into natural grass, it can easily be subject to outside influences and fail to live up to its potential.

At EnvyLawn, we understand that people take pride in the curb appeal of their homes and businesses. You want your property to consistently look its best. Thanks to our artificial grass, this dream is closer to reality than ever before. Why have muddy, yellowing, balding, and bug-filled natural grass when you can step into the future with gorgeous synthetic turf that stays vibrantly green year-round with little to no maintenance? With our synthetic turf, home and business owners can skip the costly watering, mowing, chemicals, and seeding. Instead, their artificial grass landscaping will remain full and green year-round, making it a cost-effective investment in today’s modern world.

EnvyLawn’s Advanced Technologies

Modern living should be economical, simple, eco-conscious, and technologically advanced. With artificial grass, your residential or commercial property can be all of these things and more. Our innovative synthetic turf technologies help us achieve this for our customers.

Our advanced technologies for artificial grass include:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation.
  • EnvyFlo – Fast even drainage across the entire surface at 700+ in/hr rate.
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA Certified thick antimicrobial foam underlayment.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.

In combining our synthetic turf with these technologies, our customers receive artificial landscaping tailored to their unique needs. What could be more modern than that?

Innovative Uses For Artificial Grass

As modern living has evolved over the years, artificial grass has evolved with it. As a result, our synthetic turf is an ideal surfacing material for numerous projects and purposes. For example, a dog park can be transformed by inviting, durable, and easy to clean artificial grass, making it ideal for both pets and their owners.

Some of the most common applications for our high-quality artificial turf include:

  • Landscaping
  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • Pet & dog turf
  • Playground turf
  • Roof, deck, & patio
  • Golf & putting Greens
  • Schools, college campuses, & daycare facilities
  • Municipalities & parks

Whether for residential or commercial properties, our high-quality synthetic grass can help reduce maintenance costs, look stunning, and provide a comfortable outdoor space for people to use and enjoy. In some cases, artificial turf landscaping can also potentially increase the overall property value.

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EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is the modern way forward. Our synthetic turf is ultra-realistic, durable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic turf retains its striking green color and full look every day of the year without watering or other forms of maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for residential and commercial customers across the United States. For more information on our modern, high-quality artificial grass or to place an order, contact us today to receive a free quote!

5 Great Artificial Grass Applications That Will Amaze You!

Since its inception in the 1960s, artificial turf has come a long way. Initially, synthetic turf was primarily used for spectator sports venues and training facilities. Since then, as technology for designing and manufacturing synthetic turf has evolved, so have its applications. As a result, artificial grass is now commonly installed in residential backyards, parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, schools, shopping malls, and even golf courses. In this post, we’ll look at five incredible artificial turf applications.

Indoor Mini Golf

According to statistics, golf is one of the few sports that grew in popularity during 2020. The reasons are obvious; golf is engaging, exhilarating, and relaxing. As a result of the pandemic lockdown of 2020, most of us drastically reduced our outdoor activities. Many people began to find unique ways to stay healthy and entertained indoors. One of these innovations was the installation of artificial indoor mini-golf courses.

It is impossible to overstate the advantages of having an indoor artificial mini golf course. For instance, no matter what time of day it is, you may play and practice your short game regardless of external weather conditions. You won’t need to worry about downtime when public golf clubs are closed for maintenance or due to inclement weather.

Decks & Rooftop Patios

As people spend more time indoors, they tend to look for fun ways to stay engaged. One of these is to reclaim spaces such as decks, rooftops, and patios. Whether you have a restaurant or simply want to renovate your residential space, installing artificial turf is one of the best ways to add a touch of magnificence and greenery to the area. Next time you want to invite friends and family over for dinner or a backyard barbecue, consider surprising them with a newly installed synthetic grass surface.

Pet Turf

Dogs enjoy playing in the grass, and artificial turf offers many advantages for our furry friends. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of pet owners who recognize the value of artificial turf. For example, synthetic grass is extremely resistant to digging, thanks to the superior construction techniques used in its manufacture. With synthetic turf, dogs cannot easily tunnel under the fence and escape into the street at their leisure. This affords your pets a safe and secure environment to exercise and play.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass has great drainage characteristics. It allows liquids to drain straight through, which is extremely useful when dealing with rain or pet urine. This means no mud puddles form (which results in the dog bringing muddy paw prints into the house) or lingering odors.

Furthermore, dogs with grass allergies can endlessly play their favorite game of fetch without worrying about itchy, inflamed skin. Our artificial pet turf protects your pet from allergens and pests.

Kids Playground

One of the most amazing benefits of artificial turf is its safety qualities for kids’ playgrounds. Artificial turf has become a common feature at numerous public parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, and schools due to its soft texture and anti-microbial qualities.

When it comes to children’s playgrounds, safety is paramount. Unfortunately, many of today’s surfaces are made of rubber, mulch, or typical grass, all of which can be rather rough and abrasive. The IPEMA-certified fiber used by EnvyLawn provides additional padding that protects children from major injury when they fall and provides unmatched durability.

Commercial Settings

As businesses prepare to completely reopen following the pandemic, many are exploring contemporary ways to attract customers. Among them is the installation of artificial turf. Shopping malls and venues that feature live events have begun to see artificial turf as a viable surfacing option. It’s supremely attractive, resilient, durable, and low maintenance, making it a logical choice for most commercial enterprises.

Try EnvyLawn For Your Next Installation

Artificial turf is here to stay. It’s immaculate, requires minimal maintenance, and is simple to install, making it a common feature in many spaces. If you are ready to install our beautiful artificial grass, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Synthetic Grass for Dogs & How it Elevates Your Furry Friend’s Outdoor Experience

In both home and business settings, fake grass for dogs has grown, as the number of highly dedicated pet parents is increasing rapidly. Artificial grass, formerly the domain of stylish malls and sports facilities, is now widely used in a variety of pet-friendly ways. It’s visually attractive, long-lasting, and gentle on your pet’s paws. Contact EnvyLawn if you’re thinking about installing pet turf in your backyard or business establishment.

EnvyLawn has been creating and installing artificial turf for over three decades. Our Made in America turf is the base for numerous residential backyards, pet day care facilities, hotels, and dog boarding hotels. So pet parents can rest easy knowing their beloved animals can enjoy life outdoors on safe, quality synthetic grass.

Drawbacks Of Natural Grass As Pet Turf

While natural grass is still used in numerous residential and commercial yards, including some dog parks, it comes with significant drawbacks such as:

Pet Allergies From Grass

According to veterinary medical research, dogs can suffer from grass allergies. Symptoms of grass allergies include frequent clawing and scratching at the skin and fur or consistently licking at their paws. The pet may even lose hair and suffer from inflammation in severe circumstances. These allergy symptoms are caused by pollen, mold spores, mildew, and other allergies that are present in natural grass. Artificial pet grass eliminates the nasty side effects of grass allergies while your dog happily plays on the lush turf.

Susceptible To Digging

Many dogs enjoy digging, and it can become a dangerous problem if they dig their way through the fencing and escape outside the yard. Not only is this risky, but pet owners may face legal consequences if the pet injures a person or another domestic animal. Furthermore, digging might ruin an otherwise pristine surface or lawn, necessitating costly landscaping work to restore it. Thankfully, investing in artificial pet turf helps to avoid these issues!


Traditional grass lawns don’t drain water too well when it rains. This causes small pools and mud puddles to form. When pets play and walk on these puddles, they can track muddy paw prints into the house, much to the inconvenience of the homeowner. In addition to the mud, the lack of proper drainage also means pet urine does not dissipate quickly, resulting in unwelcome odors. Our artificial grass for dogs drains efficiently, so your pup doesn’t have to wait to play outside after a rainstorm. Additionally, it helps reduce odors from pets doing their business.

Artificial Turf Is a Better Alternative For Dogs & Pets

Installing artificial turf is the best remedy to offset these drawbacks found with traditional sod. Below is a list of benefits that you can expect from our signature synthetic grass products.


Since the first nylon-based synthetic turf was introduced decades ago, EnvyLawn’s turf has come a long way. Today, great technological developments have given way to polypropylene thermoplastic thatching, which produces robust fibers while maintaining a naturalistic appearance and feel. Our turf is long-lasting and non-corrosive while providing the exquisite cushion you’ve come to expect from our high-end surfaces. This makes it incredibly difficult for even the strongest dogs to dig through.

Excellent Drainage Qualities

As stated previously, when properly installed, our artificial turf offers great drainage features. This significantly lowers the risk of muddy patches and standing water, which can result in unsightly mud prints inside the home.

Pollen and Allergens Are Not Present in Artificial Grass

Artificial turf, unlike natural grass, will not contribute to your animal companion’s allergies. This means that your favorite pet can run, play, and roll on the turf without the risk of allergic reaction. Eliminating allergens is a significant benefit because a sick dog often requires a costly trip to the vet.

Low Maintenance

A lot has been said about artificial pet turf and maintenance. It’s true that there is an initial investment when you purchase artificial turf. However, the overall return on investment is far better than that of natural turf. For example, with typical grass, you must consider the ongoing costs of paying professional landscapers. Then there’s the constant use of water sprinklers, which, according to the EPA, accounts for more than one-third of the average home’s water consumption. These expenditures can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year.

With synthetic pet turf, you can forget about the round-the-clock use of water sprinklers. As for the landscaping contracts, these will be a thing of the past.

Contact Us For More Information

When you’re ready to switch to artificial turf for your dogs, EnvyLawn has a variety of synthetic turf products. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Learn How Artificial Pet Turf Helps Eliminate A Soggy Lawn & Muddy Paw Prints In The House!

Here at EnvyLawn, one of our specialties is installing artificial grass for dogs and pets. Our artificial turf provides many benefits for pet parents, including being able to eliminate muddy paw prints!

Since 1983, we have been perfecting our turf, consistently making it better and better. Today, our artificial pet and dog turf is aesthetic looking, comfortable, safe, and keeps your pet’s fur and paws from becoming covered in mud. Whether you are a homeowner with just one dog, or have a pack of pups running around, being able to keep our dogs cleaner is indeed a huge benefit!

How Our Artificial Pet Turf Prevents Soggy & Muddy Lawns

With regular grass lawns, stormy weather can quickly create puddles of rain and mud. Not only is this unsightly to look at, but it creates an opportunity for your dog to get covered in mud and debris, and then bring all of that into your house afterwards! With our high quality artificial grass, however, you’ll never have to worry about a scenario like that. Because our grass has the ability to drain water quickly, puddles and mud simply won’t have the chance to form.

Muddy Paw Prints Eliminated

The quick draining technology that our pet grass comes with helps to eliminate muddy paw prints completely. When you let your dog out into the yard, you won’t have to wonder if he’s going to jump into a puddle and then go galavanting through your house, tracking muddy paw prints everywhere.

With EnvyLawn turf you won’t have to deal with that type of nightmare scenario. Essentially, our dog turf will fully put your mind at ease when it comes to your dog’s cleanliness.

How Artificial Dog Turf Is Designed To Keep Dogs Safe

Not only is our artificial turf perfect for lawns and super comfortable for dogs to romp around on, but it is also built with safety and health in mind. Because our turf is hypoallergenic, your dog won’t have their allergies suddenly flare up while they are outside. Some dogs (and other pets) are extremely sensitive to real, natural grass.

Also, our artificial pet turf is able to cool itself down during hot and sunny days, which will ensure that your pet’s fragile paws don’t become burned. Additionally, our pet and dog turf tends to repel harmful insects like ticks and fleas, as these parasites prefer to reside in real grass as opposed to artificial turf. Therefore, not only will your pet encounter these insects much less frequently, but you’ll be better protected from them bringing them into your house as well!

Worth noting is the durability and strength of EnvyLawn turf, which is a beneficial feature in terms of keeping your dog safe. Although dogs love to dig, they won’t be able to dig through our turf, no matter how hard they try. This is great for enhancing the security of your yard, as your dog won’t be able to dig underneath the turf and escape your yard.

With EnvyLawn, your dog will be able to run around on the turf and have fun playing on it all day. The robustness of our pet grass will be able to shrug off wear-and-tear easily while maintaining its original look and texture.

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If eliminating the hassle of a soggy lawn and muddy paw prints sounds appealing to you, then contact us at EnvyLawn for a free quote. Our premium pet grass not only drains water quickly to prevent mud puddles, but also keeps your pet safe, happy, and healthy. Our grass is so comfortable, your dog will hardly be able to tell the difference between our dog turf and regular grass.
EnvyLawn is one of the premier artificial grass companies in the USA, and we look forward to working with you.