How Pet Turf Installation is a Game-Changer for Condo Owners

You don’t need a big backyard to keep your dog happy and healthy! Condo owners in places like Dalton, Georgia, give their pets all the fun and exercise they need by going for walks and taking trips to the dog park.

These activities are important, but you don’t need to do them whenever your dog needs to go outside. Pet turf installation is a game-changer when you don’t have immediate access to a yard – we’ve listed the top four ways artificial grass will benefit you and your dog!

Pet Turf Makes House Training Much Easier

When you live in a condo, you likely don’t have a backyard immediately outside your door. Potty training gets trickier when you have to run your puppy down a hallway or even a few flights of stairs before you reach a patch of grass!

Installing pet turf on your balcony or patio gives your new furry friend quick access to a restroom. It’s easy to clean, install and remove whenever you need to!

Artificial Grass Is Perfect For Playtime

For high-energy dogs, walks just aren’t always enough to keep them stimulated. If your pups go stir-crazy indoors while you’re trying to work from home or entertain guests, giving them a place to play outdoors is key.

Our pet turf is perfect for pets to roll around and play together on your patio or balcony. Made with high-pull force resistance to prevent damage and a soft, natural feel they’ll love, there’s no better option for condo owners with pets!

Artificial Grass Helps You Train Your Puppy

Anyone who’s ever adopted a dog knows the puppy stage is the most challenging part. From basic commands to getting them into a sleep routine, training a dog can be exhausting.

Make the process as attractive and enjoyable for your new family member as possible with pet turf! Made just for their sensitive paws, artificial pet grass is easy on their joints and won’t get as hot as concrete. Plus, it’s insect and allergen-free, so there’s no need to worry about fleas or pollen entering your condo.

Why You’ll Love Our Pet Turf

On top of the benefits already listed, artificial turf installation helps keep your home clean. Unlike real grass, pet turf will never cause your dogs to run back inside with muddy paws or grass clippings stuck in their fur. It’s easy to keep clean, too, so you won’t have to worry about an ammonia smell on your balcony or patio!

Pet ownership can get overwhelming sometimes, especially if you live in an apartment or a condo. Make your life together as easy as possible by giving them their very own miniature backyard right outside your door! Our skilled installation contractors can customize a pet area to fit any size or shape. Give us a call at 888-368-9596 or contact us online to get started today!

Three Signs You’ve Chosen an Expert Artificial Turf Supplier For Your Business

First impressions are everything in business, and curb appeal is key to creating a storefront that draws customers in. However, you also want your landscaping to be durable and low-maintenance enough to handle high levels of foot traffic!

Artificial turf is one of the best and most popular options for businesses – but not all turf is created equally! Get the best bang for your buck by knowing what to look for in a synthetic grass supplier. We break down the basics so you can ensure you’re making the right choice for your company!

They Can Back Up Their Quality Claims

There are more artificial turf options on the market now than ever before, and the quality differs substantially between manufacturers! Your supplier should be able to back up the durability of their products with third-party testing, certifications and a legitimate warranty.

At EnvyLawn, our synthetic turf products all meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Our turf is crafted using the best synthetic materials available to ensure you get a great return on investment, and it even includes UV-resistant pigments to prevent fading and color bleeding from the sun. We’ll even back it with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

Your Artificial Turf Supplier Has Great Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to gauge whether you’ve chosen the right artificial turf supplier! We’re well-known in communities like Dalton, Georgia, across the region for beautiful landscaping and exceptional customer service.

Since 1983, our family-owned business has been committed to excellence. From residential to commercial projects, EnvyLawn is your trusted choice for top-quality, cost-effective artificial turf landscaping. The proof is in our five-star reputation!

Their Team Has Answers To Every Turf Question

Your landscaping is a significant investment. Your turf supplier should be able to not only answer your questions but also help you navigate the entire artificial grass installation process to create the lawn of your dreams! From pile height to drainage, we’ll help you understand “turf speak” so you can select the perfect materials for your property.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a new backyard playground or a seasoned artificial turf installation contractor, EnvyLawn is the team you need! With decades of experience and a dedication to quality, we’ll ensure your new landscaping is the best it can possibly be. For more information, give us a call at 888-368-9596 or contact us online today!

Here’s How Pet Turf Makes Indoor Pet Messes a Thing of the Past

Adopting a dog comes with the expectation of some messes. From the puppy training phase to the occasional muddy paws on a walk, sometimes a little clean-up duty just can’t be avoided.

That said, there are now some great options for minimizing messes. When you have pets, pet turf installation is one of the best ways to help keep your home clean! Free from dirt, pollen and puddles, pet turf is an excellent choice for pet parents.

Artificial Turf Prevents Dirty Paws

Your dog loves to roll around on your lawn. As cute as it is to watch, cleaning up after they’ve dug up holes and run around on natural grass can be a nuisance. Pet turf is made from synthetic fibers, so you’ll never have to stress about your pup getting dirty! Our artificial grass is the perfect way to give pets a soft, green space to play while keeping clean-up to a minimum.

Synthetic Grass Never Gets Muddy

Artificial pet turf is crafted with extra-efficient drainage. Not only does this keep odors at bay, but it prevents your lawn from becoming muddy after rain. That means your four-legged friends can run around outside no matter the weather without tracking mud in the house!

Pet Turf Won’t Stick To Their Paws

Natural grass needs to be mowed consistently to maintain curb appeal. On top of this being a ton of work, mowing your lawn leaves clippings everywhere that will stick to your dog’s paws and fur, creating a mess when they run back indoors.

Pet turf never needs to be cut, eliminating the nuisance of clippings. Say goodbye to finding grass, dandelions and other organic materials in your home!

Artificial Grass Is Pollen-Free

Seasonal allergies are a significant concern for many in Dalton, GA. Replacing your natural grass with artificial turf is the ideal way to prevent your dogs from tracking pollen into the home.  Keep your pets and home free from the infamous yellow dust that comes around every year – your floors and allergies will thank you!

Whether you have one dog at home or run a whole doggy daycare, EnvyLawn has artificial grass landscaping solutions you’re looking for. We’ll make your outdoor spaces look picture-perfect all year round while making them more pet-friendly! Discover what EnvyLawn can do for you and your pets by contacting us online or calling 888-368-9596 today!

3 Ways Pet Turf Effectively Protects Your Dogs’ Paws

As a top-notch pet parent, you always look out for your dog. From keeping unsafe foods out of reach to regular vet check-ups, keeping your pup safe requires a lot of attention.

Installing pet turf at your home gives you peace of mind. Designed specifically for dogs, artificial pet grass keeps your four-legged friends safe, happy and healthy. Unlike other landscaping materials, artificial turf has several unique benefits that help protect your pet’s paws!

Artificial Turf Is Soft To Prevent Scratches & Splinters

Unlike concrete, wood and other surfaces, our artificial pet turf is soft to to the touch. Each blade is carefully cut and rolled to create a natural, plush feel. That means your dogs can play for hours without ever getting a scratch, cut or splinter! They’ll love the way your lawn feels just like natural grass; you’ll love that their delicate paws are safe from potential injuries.

Synthetic Grass Protects Against Broken Nails

Dogs’ nails have several important purposes. Nails play a role in everything from standing to running to itching and digging, which is why keeping them in good condition is so important!

Unlike asphalt, which can break their nails, and natural grass, which has weeds and roots that can snag them, artificial turf will never damage your dogs’ claws. Your four-legged friends can play as long and rough as they want without ever breaking a nail.

Heat-Reflective Pigments Keep Paws Cool

Dog owners have long been advised not to walk their pets on the pavement when the temperatures climb over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs paws are sensitive and can suffer from burns, blisters and even charred skin when walking on ground that’s too hot.

Access to a safe, cool outdoor space to run around and use the restroom is essential for your pup, and synthetic pet turf is the best option!  Unlike natural grass, which absorbs heat, artificial turf actually reflects the sun’s rays using UV-resistant pigments. It’s the ideal way to keep your dogs outdoors in the summer heat without ever worrying about hurting their skin!

For more information about our artificial pet turf systems, contact us today at 888-368-9596 or visit us online and discover what EnvyLawn can create for you. Whether you run a doggy daycare or are looking for a simple backyard dog run, we’ll customize our pet turf to create your ideal outdoor areas.

Can Artificial Grass Really Help You Save Money?

Landscaping renovations can be a significant investment, but the right choices will actually save you money long term. If you’re looking for smarter, stunning landscaping near Dalton, Georgia, don’t overlook artificial turf.

Once confined to indoor sports arenas, synthetic grass technology has evolved tremendously. Here are the top four ways home and business owners can cut costs by installing artificial grass!

Synthetic Grass Installation Reduces Your Water Bill

For most homeowners, keeping natural grass green means running your sprinkler system on a regular basis. In fact, the average American family uses 30 percent of their daily water usage just on their landscaping!

Artificial turf installation can save you thousands of gallons of water per year – that’s a difference you’ll see month to month on your water bill. It’s the ideal solution for creating green, functional landscaping while also being mindful of local water restrictions and cost inflation.

Artificial Turf Cuts Your Maintenance Costs

Natural grass is demanding; synthetic turf is easy. We eliminate the need for mowing, fertilizing, weed control and more, saving you countless dollars and hours of upkeep. Whether you’ve been paying for a professional landscaper or doing the upkeep yourself, opting for artificial turf is the best way to reduce your spending.

High-Quality Landscaping Lasts Longer

When you choose the right artificial turf installer, you’re choosing landscaping that’s built to last. At EnvyLawn, our synthetic grass products are made with the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure your new lawn can withstand it all.

From our shock-absorbant playground pads to our highly-efficient drainage systems, we’ve designed products with children and pets in mind. Unlike other landscaping options, you won’t need to worry about repairing or replacing your lawn for years to come.

Synthetic Turf Keeps Your Energy Costs Lower

Don’t underestimate the role your lawn plays in your energy bills! Natural grass absorbs a high amount of heat in the summer, heating up your home and making your AC unit work harder.

Artificial turf actually reflects heat, keeping your landscape cooler and reducing the energy needed to cool your home. Your family will enjoy cooler, most cost-efficient spaces inside and outside your home!

When artificial turf can look just as stunning (or better!) than natural grass, why waste your hard-earned dollar? EnvyLawn has the budget-friendly synthetic grass lawn solutions you’re looking for. From sprawling commercial landscapes to backyard putting green installations, we’re known for our results. Contact us today at 888-368-9596 or visit us online and tell us what EnvyLawn can create for you.

Here’s Why Pet Turf Is Your Pup’s Best Friend

For pet parents in Dalton, GA, managing a natural grass lawn while ensuring their pups’ safety can be nothing short of a hassle. Your furry friends may love to play in the yard, but you’re left to worry about everything that could possibly go wrong, including exposure to bacteria and odors caused by pet waste. Look no further – EnvyLawn is here to introduce you to the ultimate pet-friendly solution: synthetic pet turf.

Let’s explore four compelling reasons why pet turf is your pup’s best friend and how EnvyLawn gives pet owners the peace of mind they deserve by providing the best artificial grass installation services in Dalton, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Pet Turf Makes Bacteria a Thing Of the Past

One of the biggest concerns for pet owners is dealing with unpleasant odors and the growth of harmful bacteria in their outdoor spaces. Natural grass can be a breeding ground for both, but with synthetic pet turf, you can say goodbye to these worries.

Our artificial grass is designed with an advanced drainage system that allows urine to pass through easily, preventing the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. This means a fresher and cleaner outdoor environment for both you and your furry friend.

Artificial Grass Cleaning, Simplified

Maintaining a natural grass lawn can be a constant battle, especially when you have pets. But with synthetic pet turf, cleaning up after your furry companion has never been easier.

Simply pick up solid waste as you normally would, and for liquids, the efficient drainage system takes care of the rest. A quick rinse with water will leave your pet turf looking and smelling as good as new. Spend less time cleaning and more quality time with your pet!

What Happens Outdoors, Stays Outdoors

Say goodbye to muddy paws and dirty floors. Synthetic pet turf keeps your pet’s paws clean, reducing the mess they track into your home.

No more worries about grass stains or mud ruining your carpets and floors. EnvyLawn’s artificial grass installation services ensure that you and your pet can enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable living environment.

Safely Keeps Insects at Bay

Traditional lawns often require pesticides and fertilizers to maintain their appearance. These chemicals can be harmful to your pet’s health if ingested or absorbed through their skin. Additionally, natural grass can attract insects, which can also pose a threat to your pet.

With synthetic pet turf, you can eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and reduce the presence of insects, creating a safer outdoor space for your four-legged friend.

When it comes to providing the best synthetic grass near you, EnvyLawn is the trusted choice in Dalton, GA. Our experienced artificial grass installers are dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for you and your pet. Whether you’re considering a pet turf installation or even a turf putting green for some extra fun with your pup, we have you covered.

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a pet paradise? Contact EnvyLawn today at 888-368-9596 or fill out our online form for more information and discover why our synthetic grass installation services are your pet’s best friend in Dalton, GA.

3 Ways Artificial Grass Is a Great Choice for the Entire Family

Artificial grass is more than just a landscaping solution; it’s a family-friendly investment that brings a multitude of benefits to households all over Dalton, GA. It’s no secret why homeowners are switching to artificial turf in record numbers; the aesthetic appeal and unrivaled functionality of synthetic grass make for a superior choice in residential landscaping.

From ages 8 to 80 and from two legs to four, every member of your family can experience all the benefits artificial grass has to offer. With this in mind, EnvyLawn is excited to explore the three key ways that artificial grass can enhance the lives of every member of your family, from your furry friends to your children and even adults.

Make Pet Care Effortless With Pet Turf

Pets are beloved members of the family, and their comfort and well-being matter. Artificial grass is a fantastic choice for pet owners in Dalton, GA. EnvyLawn’s pet turf solutions are designed with your furry friends in mind. Here’s why artificial grass is perfect for your dogs:

Durability: Our synthetic pet turf is built to withstand the active play and occasional digging of your canine companions without the wear and tear seen in natural grass.

Cleanliness: Say goodbye to muddy paws and difficult-to-clean messes. Artificial grass provides a clean and easily maintainable surface for your pets to enjoy year-round.

Safety: EnvyLawn’s artificial grass eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, ensuring a safe and chemical-free environment for your pets.

Learn more about EnvyLawn’s pet turf solutions and give your dogs a clean and safe outdoor space to play and relax.

Keep Playtime Safe With Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass is not only pet-friendly but also kid-friendly. Our playground artificial turf provides a soft and cushioned surface, reducing the risk of injuries during playtime.

Unlike natural grass, which can become muddy and unusable after rain, artificial grass remains accessible for outdoor play regardless of the weather. As an added bonus, parents will appreciate the low maintenance required for artificial grass, leaving more quality time to spend with their children.

Maximum Enjoyment For Adults

Artificial grass isn’t just for pets and children – it’s also a fantastic choice for adults. Artificial grass reduces the need for time-consuming lawn maintenance tasks, allowing adults to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the hassle of mowing, weeding and watering.

For any golf enthusiasts, elevate your leisure time with a synthetic turf putting green from EnvyLawn. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just looking to have some fun, a putting green adds a unique recreational element to your backyard.

In Dalton, GA, EnvyLawn is your go-to source for artificial grass installation, providing synthetic grass solutions that cater to every member of your family. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pet’s comfort, provide a safe and fun play area for your kids, or create a low-maintenance outdoor haven for adults, our artificial grass options are tailored to meet your needs.

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a family-friendly oasis? Contact us today at 888-368-9596 or complete our online form for a consultation and let us help you make the most of your Dalton, GA, property with artificial grass. Your entire family will reap the benefits of this fantastic landscaping solution!

Help Keep Your Littlest Loved Ones Safer With Artificial Playground Turf

Transform your playground into a safer space with synthetic playground grass from EnvyLawn! Whether you are a parent with a backyard playground, a daycare with an indoor play area, or a city park with large play equipment, we have the ideal surfacing material for you. Our high-quality synthetic playground grass can help bring greater peace of mind into the equation.

Often, playgrounds come with certain risks. Even supervised children can potentially harm themselves in one way or another. Installing preventative measures in playgrounds and their equipment is crucial in reducing and helping prevent injuries. One way parents, parks and recreation departments, schools, and daycares can achieve this is by installing safer surfaces for playgrounds, such as artificial playground turf.

No one wants their child to get hurt, especially while enjoying themselves on a playground. To help avoid injuries during playtime parents, parks, schools, and more should invest in playing surfaces that are soft, gentle, and highly durable. Your future selves will likely thank you for it!

With specially designed playground turf from EnvyLawn, multiple types of injuries and potentially serious injuries can be reduced, including falls, cuts, bruises, abrasions, broken bones, and sprains. This is due to a variety of factors but primarily our artificial playground grass’ extra cushioned backing. This backing provides greater shock absorption, which can help absorb various kinds of impacts, making them easier on a child, teen, or even adult.

Artificial Playground Turf Vs. Other Surfaces

The artificial playground turf that we have at EnvyLawn is much more than the sum of its parts. There are many features and benefits it has that are innovative for health and safety. Most significantly, our artificial grass surfaces are incredibly hygienic and stable compared to most other common surfaces used for playgrounds, such as traditional grass, sand, and wood chips.

These harder, more high-maintenance surfaces often collect grime like germs, vomit, urine, and insects, and they are immensely difficult to clean and sanitize without replacing whole sections regularly. To make matters worse, they are highly subject to weathering, which can make them uneven and develop holes and other trip hazards. In contrast, the synthetic playground grass from EnvyLawn is quick and easy to clean as well as antimicrobial, which can help keep all users healthy. It is also able to withstand normal wear and tear, keeping it soft, secure, and free from trip hazards. As a result, our synthetic turf is the whole package: gorgeous and practical.

Meeting High Standards

Safety is essential for playgrounds. So at EnvyLawn, we take the responsibility we hold in manufacturing safer artificial playground grass very seriously. We adhere to the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) on guidelines for playground safety and playground equipment. This organization sets high standards and issues certifications for equipment and surfaces that can help reduce injuries and keep children safer.

Our playground solutions meet those rigorous standards when it comes to Head Injury Criteria (HIC) and other injuries. In addition to this certification, our artificial turf products are also compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), so they can be accessed and enjoyed by those with disabilities. At EnvyLawn, we understand that playtime is about fun and socialization, and we do not want anyone to be left out.


Applications For Synthetic Playground Turf

At EnvyLawn, we have synthetic playground grass solutions for a variety of locations, including:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Preschools
  • Child Care Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • City Parks & Recreation Areas
  • Campgrounds
  • Restaurant Play Areas
  • Indoor & Outdoor Residential Playgrounds
  • And more!

Our high-quality artificial playground turf can help improve those residential and commercial properties due to its high safety standards and other benefits.

Significant Benefits Of Artificial Playground Grass

When you team up with EnvyLawn for your synthetic playground grass, you can enjoy the many benefits that come with our products. At the top of the list, of course, is safety. However, that is not the only advantage our artificial playground turf affords our littlest loved ones. Some of the other significant benefits of installing our artificial playground grass include:

Cleaner & More Comfortable

At EnvyLawn, our synthetic playground turf is simple to clean and keep as clean as possible because it utilizes a backing system that allows for quick-draining. This helps keep water from pooling on the surface and creating puddles. It also allows our turf to be quickly hosed down to help clean it and help keep it clean. As a result, our artificial playground grass is more comfortable. However, its comfort is also due to its soft synthetic fibers and cushioned backing.

Durability & Attractiveness

Playground surfaces often experience depreciation from playing children, foot traffic, and the weather. Fortunately, our American-made artificial playground turf is built to withstand these factors and more, providing it with the ability to be enjoyed for years to come. However, this durability does not just extend our turf’s lifetime; it also helps it remain perfectly lush, manicured, and green year-round.

Low Maintenance & Cost Effectiveness

Sadly, many common playground surfaces, such as traditional grass, sand, and wood chips, can be incredibly high maintenance. They require constant upkeep to look their best or remain evenly distributed throughout a play area. Thankfully, our artificial playground grass is low maintenance. It never needs to be watered, trimmed, or treated. It only ever needs to be cleaned, which can easily be done with a quick spray from a hose. As a result of this lack of upkeep, our synthetic playground turf is highly cost-effective, especially for public and commercial properties.

Further Benefits

Further benefits of our first-rate artificial playground turf include:

  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • No mud or grass stains
  • Inhospitable to bugs and rodents
  • Non-toxic
  • Free from grass allergens
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Helps to prevent erosion
  • Multi-purpose

EnvyLawn Playground Turf & Technologies

At EnvyLawn, we want to help provide the best playground experience for every kid who uses your play space, and with the benefits and technologies incorporated into our artificial playground turf, we believe we can help make that dream a reality. Our team has spent many years designing our synthetic playground turf and added advanced technologies that help make it a comprehensive surfacing solution. As a result, our artificial playground grass is multi-purpose, meaning it can be shared with anyone who enjoys soft, inviting surfaces, such as dogs and other pets.

So much care and consideration have gone into crafting our luxury playground grass, and we can’t wait to share the three options we offer with you. Our playground systems work through layering. It starts with a bottom layer of compacted sub base, and then in the middle is our highly-advanced EnvyShock padding, which adds cushioning to help meet various safety standards. On top of these layers is one of the three EnvyLawn playground turf selections: EnvyWoven, EnvyPlay, or Premium Play. Overall, this layering system creates a softer and safer surface for playtime.

EnvyLawn’s artificial playground turf selections include

  • EnvyWoven – Dense, patented woven system that is exceptionally durable
  • EnvyPlay – IPEMA-certified playground turf that is soft, dense, & vibrant
  • Premium Play – Multi-color medium dense playground turf

Advanced turf technologies by EnvyLawn:

  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments of turf to help extend the use of high wear sections
  • EnvyShock – Heavily padded middle layer (underlayment) for increased safety
    • ADA Compliance for greater accessibility
    • Antimicrobial for greater protection from bacteria, viruses, and more
    • Meets Head Injury Criteria (HIC) requirements

Why Choose EnvyLawn?

When choosing artificial playground turf, go with a leader in the artificial grass industry: EnvyLawn. We are a superior synthetic turf supplier with over 30 years of experience in the artificial grass industry. We are also a family-owned business that cares about the communities we serve. Our innovative products are made in the United States and come with a 15-year transferable warranty. With our artificial turf products, including our playground turf, you have several options for customization. This is because we are manufacturer direct, which helps provide customizable and affordable turf options for anyone who chooses to work with us at EnvyLawn.

Start Playing Safer Today With EnvyLawn

Superior artificial playground turf from EnvyLawn helps keep our littlest loved ones safer during playtime. Our high-quality, American-made synthetic playground grass provides several advantages for residential, commercial, and public play areas, especially when compared to common playground surfaces like conventional grass, sand, and wood chips. Our artificial playground grass is easy to clean and keep clean, soft to the touch, highly durable, lush and green year-round, and low maintenance. As a result, our first-rate synthetic playground turf is not only a cost-effective investment but an investment in the safety of children as well.

At EnvyLawn, we take the safety of children on public and private playgrounds seriously. In doing so, we have developed several technologies that add additional safety and accessibility features into our playground turf, including our EnvyShock underlayment that helps cushion falls. With features like this as well as our certifications and compliance with organizations like the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), our artificial playground turf is a safer option for playgrounds across the United States.

Contact us today to learn more about our synthetic playground grass or get a quote!

EnvyLawn: The Premier Provider of Synthetic Playground Grass

At EnvyLawn, our team is dedicated to being the premier provider of synthetic playground grass in the United States. Our high-quality playground turf can help give your playground the facelift it deserves while providing several other benefits. We know how exhausting it can be to try and maintain traditional grass, especially for playgrounds at schools, parks, daycares, and more. These areas usually deal with high foot traffic, which often creates flattened grass, bald spots, and holes. Thankfully, our artfully designed artificial playground turf is incredibly resilient, sturdy, and can withstand quite a beating. You can save yourself an immense amount of effort and time by installing our synthetic turf because it is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Applications For Our Synthetic Playground Grass

Artificial playground turf is not just gorgeous and lush landscaping for parks and playgrounds; it is a safer haven for your children. You can quickly and easily start reducing the seriousness of potential fall injuries as well as secondary injuries with our carefully padded, shock-absorbing layers that are incorporated into our artificial playground grass systems. At EnvyLawn, we are dedicated to creating and providing the best quality artificial grass for playgrounds that prioritizes children’s safety, so you can let them play with confidence.

We have decades of experience working with all types of playground locations, including:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Daycares
  • Parks
  • RV Parks
  • Resorts
  • Campgrounds
  • Community Centers
  • Municipalities

EnvyLawn: Phenomenal Benefits

EnvyLawn is an industry leader when it comes to synthetic playground grass. We take pride in the fact we can offer so many benefits to the community that makes a difference! At the top of the list with our artificial playground turf is safety. Our artificial playground systems are IPEMA-certified, which means that children playing on them receive crucial protection from falls and other injuries. Yet, this is not the only factor our turf offers to help keep children safer.

Let us help you create a playground that is reliably soft and decreases tripping hazards that often exist with other surfaces like mulch or sand. Those other surfaces are often uneven and create dangerous spots and zones very quickly, especially in inclement weather. Let’s not forget about secondary injuries either! EnvyLawn has also developed our soft synthetic playground grass to help protect against cuts, abrasions, and bruises. We want your children to have an all-around fantastic time while playing without going home with injuries.

In addition to safety, EnvyLawn has addressed many other issues that are common with conventional grass and other surfacing alternatives. This has led us to the unbeatable benefits we offer you today with our synthetic playground grass! For example, installing our artificial playground turf is cost-effective and can help save you a fortune on your water expenses. Plus, you will no longer need a gardener or a mower with this low-maintenance option. So start reducing your carbon footprint by relying on a turf that will look perfectly green and well-manicured every day without lawn equipment and water wastage!

The benefits just keep coming when you work with EnvyLawn. Further benefits of installing our synthetic playground grass include:

  • No watering
  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • No mud
  • Inhospitable to rodents, moles, and bugs
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Does not produce grass allergens
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Prevents erosion
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Customizations & more!

Why EnvyLawn Is the Ultimate Choice For Artificial Grass

If you want to work with an innovative company with almost 40 years of experience, go with EnvyLawn. Our family-owned business began in 1983 and produces high-quality artificial grass right here in the United States that exceeds industry standards. Based in Dalton, Georgia, we have worked tirelessly to become the premier provider of synthetic playground grass in our community and yours.

Don’t trust just anyone with the safety and well-being of your children and pets during playtime. EnvyLawn always has quality and performance on our minds when designing our artificial turf products.

Check out some additional reasons to work with EnvyLawn for your next project:

  • Manufacturer direct
  • CAD capabilities (full-color PDFs)
  • 15-Year transferable warranty
  • One-time transferable warranty
  • Custom designs for your projects

Unbeatable Products & Advanced Technologies

Now that you have seen many of the benefits and safeguards that EnvyLawn is offering with our synthetic artificial grass, are you ready to get on board? We have a wondrous line of artificial turf products that undergo rigorous quality assurance testing. We offer three types of playground turf, and our highly trained staff will walk you through the selection process to match you up with the best option to fit your needs.

Our artificial playground turf selections include:

  • EnvyWoven – Very dense turf, patented woven system, extremely durable
  • EnvyPlay (EDPL) – IPEMA-certified playground turf that is soft, durable, & vibrant
  • Premium Play (ECPL) – Multi-color medium dense playground grass

At EnvyLawn, we also offer advanced technologies that can be incorporated into our synthetic playground grass, providing incredible features that traditional grass could never achieve.

Our advanced turf technologies include:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation.
  • EnvyFlo – Fast, even drainage across the entire surface at 700+ in/hr rate.
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA-certified thick antimicrobial foam underlayment.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments of turf to help extend the use of high wear sections.
  • K29 Primary Backing – Incredibly sturdy backing that keeps grass looking flawless.

Get a Quote For Playground Turf Today!

Synthetic playground grass from EnvyLawn is an incredibly useful material for parks, schools, daycares, backyards, and more in the United States. It provides a soft, cushioned, and even surface for children that can help keep them safer. Plus, it is attractive, low maintenance, easy to clean, and so much more! These factors, along with our expertise, help make us at EnvyLawn the premier provider of synthetic playground grass. So contact us today to learn more or get a quote!

Artificial Grass for Landscaping is The Modern Way Forward

Artificial grass from EnvyLawn is an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass for landscaping, making it the modern way forward in the United States and abroad. Despite the best efforts of homeowners and landscapers, natural grass simply cannot keep up with the evolving technologies in the synthetic turf industry. At EnvyLawn, we have spent decades perfecting our artificial turf, making it look and feel like traditional sod without most of its drawbacks. As a result, we believe our artificial grass is the modern way forward, and we want you to join us in making this low-maintenance, eco-friendly landscaping material more popular than ever.

The Future Of Landscaping Is Here

Natural grass landscaping is a style of the past. This traditional material is high-maintenance and unreliable. In some cases, all it takes is a little winter frost or heavy rain to potentially destroy parts of or entire natural grass lawns that had been carefully maintained. Despite all of the time, effort, or money home and business owners put into natural grass, it can easily be subject to outside influences and fail to live up to its potential.

At EnvyLawn, we understand that people take pride in the curb appeal of their homes and businesses. You want your property to consistently look its best. Thanks to our artificial grass, this dream is closer to reality than ever before. Why have muddy, yellowing, balding, and bug-filled natural grass when you can step into the future with gorgeous synthetic turf that stays vibrantly green year-round with little to no maintenance? With our synthetic turf, home and business owners can skip the costly watering, mowing, chemicals, and seeding. Instead, their artificial grass landscaping will remain full and green year-round, making it a cost-effective investment in today’s modern world.

EnvyLawn’s Advanced Technologies

Modern living should be economical, simple, eco-conscious, and technologically advanced. With artificial grass, your residential or commercial property can be all of these things and more. Our innovative synthetic turf technologies help us achieve this for our customers.

Our advanced technologies for artificial grass include:

  • EnvyChill – Surface temperature reduction through slow water evaporation.
  • EnvyFlo – Fast even drainage across the entire surface at 700+ in/hr rate.
  • EnvyShock – IPEMA Certified thick antimicrobial foam underlayment.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.
  • EnvyWear – Smaller segments to extend the use of high wear sections.

In combining our synthetic turf with these technologies, our customers receive artificial landscaping tailored to their unique needs. What could be more modern than that?

Innovative Uses For Artificial Grass

As modern living has evolved over the years, artificial grass has evolved with it. As a result, our synthetic turf is an ideal surfacing material for numerous projects and purposes. For example, a dog park can be transformed by inviting, durable, and easy to clean artificial grass, making it ideal for both pets and their owners.

Some of the most common applications for our high-quality artificial turf include:

  • Landscaping
  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • Pet & dog turf
  • Playground turf
  • Roof, deck, & patio
  • Golf & putting Greens
  • Schools, college campuses, & daycare facilities
  • Municipalities & parks

Whether for residential or commercial properties, our high-quality synthetic grass can help reduce maintenance costs, look stunning, and provide a comfortable outdoor space for people to use and enjoy. In some cases, artificial turf landscaping can also potentially increase the overall property value.

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EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is the modern way forward. Our synthetic turf is ultra-realistic, durable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic turf retains its striking green color and full look every day of the year without watering or other forms of maintenance, making it a cost-effective investment for residential and commercial customers across the United States. For more information on our modern, high-quality artificial grass or to place an order, contact us today to receive a free quote!