3 Ways Pet Turf Effectively Protects Your Dogs’ Paws

3 Ways Pet Turf Effectively Protects Your Dogs’ Paws

As a top-notch pet parent, you always look out for your dog. From keeping unsafe foods out of reach to regular vet check-ups, keeping your pup safe requires a lot of attention.

Installing pet turf at your home gives you peace of mind. Designed specifically for dogs, artificial pet grass keeps your four-legged friends safe, happy and healthy. Unlike other landscaping materials, artificial turf has several unique benefits that help protect your pet’s paws!

Artificial Turf Is Soft To Prevent Scratches & Splinters

Unlike concrete, wood and other surfaces, our artificial pet turf is soft to to the touch. Each blade is carefully cut and rolled to create a natural, plush feel. That means your dogs can play for hours without ever getting a scratch, cut or splinter! They’ll love the way your lawn feels just like natural grass; you’ll love that their delicate paws are safe from potential injuries.

Synthetic Grass Protects Against Broken Nails

Dogs’ nails have several important purposes. Nails play a role in everything from standing to running to itching and digging, which is why keeping them in good condition is so important!

Unlike asphalt, which can break their nails, and natural grass, which has weeds and roots that can snag them, artificial turf will never damage your dogs’ claws. Your four-legged friends can play as long and rough as they want without ever breaking a nail.

A Cooler Alternative To Concrete and Hardscaping

Dog owners have long been advised not to walk their pets on the pavement when the temperatures climb over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs paws are sensitive and can suffer from burns, blisters and even charred skin when walking on ground that’s too hot.

Access to a safe, cool outdoor space to run around and use the restroom is essential for your pup, and synthetic pet turf is the best option! Artificial turf’s composition allows for a significant reduction in heat absorption in comparison to concrete or other hardscaping materials. It’s the ideal way to keep your dogs outdoors in the summer heat without ever worrying about hurting their skin!

For more information about our artificial pet turf systems, contact us today at 888-368-9596 or visit us online and discover what EnvyLawn can create for you. Whether you run a doggy daycare or are looking for a simple backyard dog run, we’ll customize our pet turf to create your ideal outdoor areas.