Three Reasons Artificial Playground Turf is the Perfect Way to Protect Your Kids

Three Reasons Artificial Playground Turf is the Perfect Way to Protect Your Kids

Spending time at the playground is one of the best parts of being a kid! Installing a backyard playscape is one of the best ways to get the whole family outdoors and add some much-needed fun to your home.

And by opting for playground turf, you can ensure your kids have a safe, soft, clean space to run around endlessly. If you’re considering your options for a new play area, we’ve broken down the top three reasons why synthetic grass is the best choice for your family!

Synthetic Turf Breaks Their Falls

Natural grass is soft on the surface, but there’s nothing beneath it to absorb the shock from inevitable trips and falls. That’s why we’ve designed our artificial turf playground systems with padding to keep your family protected!

We’ve had our products third-party tested to ensure they meet all IPEMA safety standards. No matter how fast they run or how high they jump, we’ll make sure your kids have a soft, safe space to land, granting you peace of mind in the process.

Playground Turf Is Softer (No More Scraped Knees!)

Occasional scrapes and bruises are a natural outcome of kids playing outdoors. You can’t prevent every injury, but you can minimize them by opting for a playground material that’s designed with active kiddos in mind.

EnvyLawn’s playground turf is soft to the touch. We’ve crafted our products intentionally, using only the best synthetic materials available to create plush yet durable turf. We went the extra mile to give you the extra peace of mind you deserve!

Artificial Grass Is Mud & Allergen-Free

When you mix kids and natural grass, you get a slew of messes. From stubborn grass stains on their shirts and muddy shoes to allergy concerns, old-school backyards are more trouble than they’re worth.

Though it looks plush and evergreen, our artificial grass landscapes will never cause these problems. As a synthetic material, turf stays clean and dry all year round. You’ll need little more than the occasional rinse with a hose to keep your new playscape in mint condition. At EnvyLawn, your family’s health and safety are our No.1 priorities. From schoolyards to simple backyard playground installations, our team has extensive experience creating safe, long-lasting and beautiful artificial turf playscapes! For more information about our services and product selection, contact us online or call 888-368-9596 today.