Here’s How Pet Turf Makes Indoor Pet Messes a Thing of the Past

Here’s How Pet Turf Makes Indoor Pet Messes a Thing of the Past

Adopting a dog comes with the expectation of some messes. From the puppy training phase to the occasional muddy paws on a walk, sometimes a little clean-up duty just can’t be avoided.

That said, there are now some great options for minimizing messes. When you have pets, pet turf installation is one of the best ways to help keep your home clean! Free from dirt, pollen and puddles, pet turf is an excellent choice for pet parents.

Artificial Turf Prevents Dirty Paws

Your dog loves to roll around on your lawn. As cute as it is to watch, cleaning up after they’ve dug up holes and run around on natural grass can be a nuisance. Pet turf is made from synthetic fibers, so you’ll never have to stress about your pup getting dirty! Our artificial grass is the perfect way to give pets a soft, green space to play while keeping clean-up to a minimum.

Synthetic Grass Never Gets Muddy

Artificial pet turf is crafted with extra-efficient drainage. Not only does this keep odors at bay, but it prevents your lawn from becoming muddy after rain. That means your four-legged friends can run around outside no matter the weather without tracking mud in the house!

Pet Turf Won’t Stick To Their Paws

Natural grass needs to be mowed consistently to maintain curb appeal. On top of this being a ton of work, mowing your lawn leaves clippings everywhere that will stick to your dog’s paws and fur, creating a mess when they run back indoors.

Pet turf never needs to be cut, eliminating the nuisance of clippings. Say goodbye to finding grass, dandelions and other organic materials in your home!

Artificial Grass Is Pollen-Free

Seasonal allergies are a significant concern for many in Dalton, GA. Replacing your natural grass with artificial turf is the ideal way to prevent your dogs from tracking pollen into the home.  Keep your pets and home free from the infamous yellow dust that comes around every year – your floors and allergies will thank you!

Whether you have one dog at home or run a whole doggy daycare, EnvyLawn has artificial grass landscaping solutions you’re looking for. We’ll make your outdoor spaces look picture-perfect all year round while making them more pet-friendly! Discover what EnvyLawn can do for you and your pets by contacting us online or calling 888-368-9596 today!