Here’s How Artificial Pet Turf Keeps Dog Runs Safe and Healthy

Here’s How Artificial Pet Turf Keeps Dog Runs Safe and Healthy

Dog runs are the perfect solution for pet owners who want their pups to have a place to run and play off-leash but don’t want them tearing into flower beds or other areas of their landscaping. By creating a fenced-off area for your furry friends to use, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind each time you let them outdoors.

The ideal dog run is created with the durability and antimicrobial properties needed to withstand heavy pet use. Artificial pet turf offers homeowners the perfect solution; keep reading to see why our pet turf is the best option for your dog’s play area!

Artificial Turf Infill Helps Kill Bacteria

Where pets go, accidents follow. Our artificial pet turf can be installed using antimicrobial infill that helps kill germs and neutralize odors. As a result,  your pets will enjoy a clean, fresh space with minimal upkeep required! You’ll need little more than to remove solid waste and occasionally rinse with a hose to prevent insects and odors.

Synthetic Grass Has Superior Drainage

One of the biggest frustrations of a dog owner is cleaning up after they drag mud into your home. When you have natural grass, this problem is almost inevitable – mud forms and sticks to their paws (and face, and everywhere else) after a rain or even just after the sprinklers go off.

Our pet turf is crafted with highly efficient drainage to ensure water and liquid waste are quickly eliminated from the surface of your dog run. Your pets will run back indoors as clean and dry as possible! No need for a bath every time they go outside to play for a few hours.

Pet Turf Is Easy To Maintain & Clean

You’ve got enough on your plate; make landscaping maintenance as easy as possible by opting for pet turf! Our artificial grass never needs to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. It can’t be dug up by your dogs, and they’ll never track grass clippings back into the house on their fur!

At EnvyLawn, we’ve perfected our pet turf design for optimal performance. Our network of artificial grass installation contractors will custom-create your perfect dog run, whether that’s a small backyard area or a commercial doggy daycare center! Our non-toxic, top-rated turf products are your best bet for keeping your pets safe, happy, and healthy. For more information and a complimentary quote, contact us online or call 888-368-9596 today!