How Does Artificial Grass Hold Up to Snow, Ice & Freezing Temperature

How Does Artificial Grass Hold Up to Snow, Ice & Freezing Temperature

The use of EnvyLawn’s artificial grass solutions has grown exponentially in recent years. One of the primary reasons has been its overall resilience to cold weather and other natural elements.

When it comes to artificial turf for residential and commercial use, customers turn to EnvyLawn. We have been a leading brand for premium synthetic turf for residential, commercial, golf, pet, and landscape uses for over a decade. Not only do our turf products look and feel amazing, they also perform exceptionally well even in cold weather conditions.This is important because many potential customers want to know how artificial grass handles when subjected to snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

With traditional sod; one serious drawback to having a natural grass lawn is its susceptibility to a condition known as desiccation. Desiccation happens during winter months when grass loses more water than it can replace causing it to turn brown. This frustrates many homeowners who have spent a significant amount of time and money maintaining their lawns.

The best remedy is to install artificial turf. As it will always look spring green no matter what season it is.

Why Is Artificial Turf Resilient To Snow and Ice?

Artificial turf has numerous inherent benefits in comparison to natural grass. One is the way it’s constructed. Synthetic grass comprises multiple layers of materials such as envirofill and polypropylene. In addition to providing the soft cushioning that is characteristic of artificial grass, these materials afford excellent drainage qualities. The multiple layers also ensure the turf is highly resilient to ice, snow, and freezing temperatures.

Caring For Your Synthetic Turf During Winter Months

While synthetic grass is relatively low maintenance in comparison to natural grass, there are a number of best practices designed to retain its quality especially during winter. The first step is preparation. Inspect your artificial grass lawn to ensure that it is in good condition.

Here is a list of equipment that will help as you prepare for winter:

  • A plastic shovel for snow removal
  • A leafblower or snowblower
  • A broom with soft bristles
  • Tarp

Dealing With Snow

Our artificial grass solutions really need no maintenance but many families with small children and pets want to clear an area or even the whole synthetic lawn for play. Particularly if you live in an area where the snowfall is deeper than the height of the little ones.

Does your area get a lot of snow? If yes, then your turf blades will most likely freeze at around 30 degrees. This will not damage the turf. Simply let the snow melt and drain away. Some families might choose to accelerate this process by using a warm water hose. The same goes for ice. Because synthetic turf comes with excellent drainage qualities, the water drains fast.

If you want to clear an area In case your kids or pets need to play, you can also use a plastic shovel to remove the snow or ice (metal shovels are not recommended because they tend to damage the blades). Also, during extreme snow storms you can cover the turf with a tarp so that you can more easily get your lawn ready for more play.

Debris Removal

As winter sets in, leaves begin to fall off the trees. If you have a synthetic turf lawn, it’s not uncommon at this time for it to be overlain with leaves, twigs, and other types of clutter. These should be easy to remove with a simple plastic rake or soft broom. Another option is to use a leaf blower. Sometimes soil and other debris is caught inside the blades of synthetic grass. If this is the case, you can rinse it off with a water hose.

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Not only does our turf look and feel amazing, but it also performs exceptionally well even during winter months. Our turf products have an established track record of quality and longevity in addition to a one-time transferable warranty, and competitive prices.