Why is Artificial Turf Ideal For Commercial Playgrounds & Play Areas?

Why is Artificial Turf Ideal For Commercial Playgrounds & Play Areas?

Artificial turf for commercial playgrounds and play areas has been gaining popularity recently. When it comes to children’s play areas, numerous options are available in the market, including rubber, gravel, and mulch. However, artificial playground grass has been gaining popularity over these types of filler as they do not retain their protective qualities over time, drift, and develop inconsistent coverage.

Artificial playground turf is gaining ground and is the ideal playground solution for consistency, durability, and reliability. Our turf is commonly installed in schools, daycare centers, parks, and even restaurant play areas. As nothing quite matches the safety components ingrained in EnvyLawn’s playground turf.

At EnvyLawn, we understand that safety is the number one priority when it comes to kids’ play areas. That is why the texture of the surfaces at play areas is of paramount importance. This article will discuss why artificial turf is the most common-sense solution for children’s playground surfaces.

Benefits Of Playground Turf

EnvyLawn’s playground turf is a great way to improve safety in commercial play areas. These can be in parks, schools, daycare centers, and even restaurants. Our playground turf is designed to keep kids of all ages safer while they run and play. Unlike sand or wood-chipped surfaces, our playground surface reduces the risk of infection from abrasions or scrapes. It’s also infused with anti-microbial technology, which makes it allergy-free and safer for kids.

By making the playground surface softer, the ground is much more forgiving when kids fall. In addition, our multi-layered structure helps reduce and even prevent serious injuries by cushioning falls and eradicating trip zones. Let’s examine some of these fantastic benefits in more detail:

Fall Protection

The top consideration for a playground surface is its fall protection. In addition, a good playground turf must meet ASTM (American Standard Testing Methods) standards for shock absorption. Our playground turf products are constructed using multi-layered padding and infill, which contains 100% polyethylene. This material is recommended for most commercial playgrounds due to its safety qualities.

Relatively Low Maintenance

The synthetic turf material itself has a relatively low maintenance cost throughout its long lifetime. For instance, research shows that the overall cost of maintaining natural grass and soil was way more than that of artificial turf over a period of just three to five years. That’s because there’s no need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing. With artificial grass, you simply rinse it off occasionally and let the water drain well off its surface. Our playground turf is quick draining, which is great for preventing rainwater from pooling on its surface.

ADA Compliance

One huge benefit of using synthetic playground grass for commercial playgrounds is it can be used for accessible playgrounds and ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliance since it can easily fit the build order of being firm and wheelchair friendly with the right blade length and style of playground artificial grass. Synthetic turf is also ideal for people with allergies or hay fever due to the fact that it doesn’t generate or add to the outdoor pollen count.

Very Durable

Because our playground turf has a higher face weight, it is more durable than natural grass. This is key because whenever it needs repair, you won’t have to replace the whole turf. Not only is this cost-effective, but it is also highly convenient for businesses and other commercial entities. And when the time comes to replace the turf, the process is relatively easy.

Additionally, artificial playground turf does not succumb to mud and grass stains. It’s also UV (Ultra-Violet) light-resistant. This means that despite prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, it will not fade over time. Furthermore, it’s not susceptible to frost, pests, and other forms of insects. This makes it relatively safe and allergy-free.

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