Save Money & Have A Beautiful Green Lawn In Drought Affected Areas

Save Money & Have A Beautiful Green Lawn In Drought Affected Areas

If you’ve ever wanted to both save money AND have a beautiful green lawn in areas affected by drought, we at EnvyLawn can fulfill your needs with our top quality artificial grass. While regular grass may quickly turn brown and wilted in areas that are hot and dry, our synthetic turf will never have that happen. In fact, when it comes to our synthetic grass, you can always expect it to look beautiful and green, even when exposed to extreme dryness and blistering heat for long periods of time. Our turf is so durable and effortless at maintaining its look, this will lead to substantial money being saved on landscaping and water bills!

Next to hurricanes, droughts are the second most costly natural disaster in the United States in terms of the economic damage they cause. When it comes to a regular grass lawn, even during normal times, it may require considerable time and money from you in order to stay in peak condition. A regular grass lawn in an area prone to droughts can really ramp up your water bill—and this doesn’t even include other chores and things that cost time and money, including seeding, mowing, fertilizing, deweeding, and more. What’s great about our artificial grass lawns at EnvyLawn is that all these costs and hassles are essentially eliminated.

Let’s now go over in more detail how the premium synthetic turf we make at EnvyLawn can remain beautiful while saving you money, even in drought affected areas.

Save Money With Artificial Turf & Conserve Water

You can save money with artificial turf from EnvyLawn simply by how low maintenance it is. Virtually all of the costs associated with our turf are upfront with the installation process—once that is complete, the costs in terms of upkeep are minimal. Simply put, you won’t need to purchase expensive lawn care equipment, hire gardeners, purchase fertilizer or other chemicals, or even water your artificial grass. Our turf is made to be highly durable and last for many years, so you’ll truly be getting your money’s worth with it. Also, because our synthetic turf demands no watering or chemical treatment, it is very eco-friendly—with our turf, you can conserve water in drought affected areas and be certain that harmful chemicals aren’t escaping into the environment.

Have a Green Lawn That Is Always Looking Beautiful

A lack of water and harsh weather conditions will have no impact on our synthetic turf. Our turf is built to be the length of your choosing and will always remain that length. In terms of color, our artificial grass is constructed to be resistant to UV rays and the color fading effects from that. Even during heavy rains and harsh storms, our synthetic grass drains water quickly, so your lawn and landscaping won’t wind up being covered with puddles and mud and looking unsightly. Essentially, your lawn will look like the ideal majestic grass lawns that you see in movies.

Start Saving Money Today & Get a Free Quote

When you work with EnvyLawn, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process to find the best solution for your needs. With our products, you can save money with artificial turf, save water with synthetic grass, and have a green lawn that always looks fantastic and has amazing curbside appeal. With our immaculate looking lawns, not only will the look of them impress yourself, but also your family, friends, neighbors, and any visitors you have over.
To find out more about our products contact us and get a free quote today. We look forward to working with you!