Learn How Artificial Pet Turf Helps Eliminate A Soggy Lawn & Muddy Paw Prints In The House!

Learn How Artificial Pet Turf Helps Eliminate A Soggy Lawn & Muddy Paw Prints In The House!

Here at EnvyLawn, one of our specialties is installing artificial grass for dogs and pets. Our artificial turf provides many benefits for pet parents, including being able to eliminate muddy paw prints!

Since 1983, we have been perfecting our turf, consistently making it better and better. Today, our artificial pet and dog turf is aesthetic looking, comfortable, safe, and keeps your pet’s fur and paws from becoming covered in mud. Whether you are a homeowner with just one dog, or have a pack of pups running around, being able to keep our dogs cleaner is indeed a huge benefit!

How Our Artificial Pet Turf Prevents Soggy & Muddy Lawns

With regular grass lawns, stormy weather can quickly create puddles of rain and mud. Not only is this unsightly to look at, but it creates an opportunity for your dog to get covered in mud and debris, and then bring all of that into your house afterwards! With our high quality artificial grass, however, you’ll never have to worry about a scenario like that. Because our grass has the ability to drain water quickly, puddles and mud simply won’t have the chance to form.

Muddy Paw Prints Eliminated

The quick draining technology that our pet grass comes with helps to eliminate muddy paw prints completely. When you let your dog out into the yard, you won’t have to wonder if he’s going to jump into a puddle and then go galavanting through your house, tracking muddy paw prints everywhere.

With EnvyLawn turf you won’t have to deal with that type of nightmare scenario. Essentially, our dog turf will fully put your mind at ease when it comes to your dog’s cleanliness.

How Artificial Dog Turf Is Designed To Keep Dogs Safe

Not only is our artificial turf perfect for lawns and super comfortable for dogs to romp around on, but it is also built with safety and health in mind. Because our turf is hypoallergenic, your dog won’t have their allergies suddenly flare up while they are outside. Some dogs (and other pets) are extremely sensitive to real, natural grass.

Also, our artificial pet turf is able to cool itself down during hot and sunny days, which will ensure that your pet’s fragile paws don’t become burned. Additionally, our pet and dog turf tends to repel harmful insects like ticks and fleas, as these parasites prefer to reside in real grass as opposed to artificial turf. Therefore, not only will your pet encounter these insects much less frequently, but you’ll be better protected from them bringing them into your house as well!

Worth noting is the durability and strength of EnvyLawn turf, which is a beneficial feature in terms of keeping your dog safe. Although dogs love to dig, they won’t be able to dig through our turf, no matter how hard they try. This is great for enhancing the security of your yard, as your dog won’t be able to dig underneath the turf and escape your yard.

With EnvyLawn, your dog will be able to run around on the turf and have fun playing on it all day. The robustness of our pet grass will be able to shrug off wear-and-tear easily while maintaining its original look and texture.

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If eliminating the hassle of a soggy lawn and muddy paw prints sounds appealing to you, then contact us at EnvyLawn for a free quote. Our premium pet grass not only drains water quickly to prevent mud puddles, but also keeps your pet safe, happy, and healthy. Our grass is so comfortable, your dog will hardly be able to tell the difference between our dog turf and regular grass.
EnvyLawn is one of the premier artificial grass companies in the USA, and we look forward to working with you.