Synthetic Grass for Dogs & How it Elevates Your Furry Friend’s Outdoor Experience

Synthetic Grass for Dogs & How it Elevates Your Furry Friend’s Outdoor Experience

In both home and business settings, fake grass for dogs has grown, as the number of highly dedicated pet parents is increasing rapidly. Artificial grass, formerly the domain of stylish malls and sports facilities, is now widely used in a variety of pet-friendly ways. It’s visually attractive, long-lasting, and gentle on your pet’s paws. Contact EnvyLawn if you’re thinking about installing pet turf in your backyard or business establishment.

EnvyLawn has been creating and installing artificial turf for over three decades. Our Made in America turf is the base for numerous residential backyards, pet day care facilities, hotels, and dog boarding hotels. So pet parents can rest easy knowing their beloved animals can enjoy life outdoors on safe, quality synthetic grass.

Drawbacks Of Natural Grass As Pet Turf

While natural grass is still used in numerous residential and commercial yards, including some dog parks, it comes with significant drawbacks such as:

Pet Allergies From Grass

According to veterinary medical research, dogs can suffer from grass allergies. Symptoms of grass allergies include frequent clawing and scratching at the skin and fur or consistently licking at their paws. The pet may even lose hair and suffer from inflammation in severe circumstances. These allergy symptoms are caused by pollen, mold spores, mildew, and other allergies that are present in natural grass. Artificial pet grass eliminates the nasty side effects of grass allergies while your dog happily plays on the lush turf.

Susceptible To Digging

Many dogs enjoy digging, and it can become a dangerous problem if they dig their way through the fencing and escape outside the yard. Not only is this risky, but pet owners may face legal consequences if the pet injures a person or another domestic animal. Furthermore, digging might ruin an otherwise pristine surface or lawn, necessitating costly landscaping work to restore it. Thankfully, investing in artificial pet turf helps to avoid these issues!


Traditional grass lawns don’t drain water too well when it rains. This causes small pools and mud puddles to form. When pets play and walk on these puddles, they can track muddy paw prints into the house, much to the inconvenience of the homeowner. In addition to the mud, the lack of proper drainage also means pet urine does not dissipate quickly, resulting in unwelcome odors. Our artificial grass for dogs drains efficiently, so your pup doesn’t have to wait to play outside after a rainstorm. Additionally, it helps reduce odors from pets doing their business.

Artificial Turf Is a Better Alternative For Dogs & Pets

Installing artificial turf is the best remedy to offset these drawbacks found with traditional sod. Below is a list of benefits that you can expect from our signature synthetic grass products.


Since the first nylon-based synthetic turf was introduced decades ago, EnvyLawn’s turf has come a long way. Today, great technological developments have given way to polypropylene thermoplastic thatching, which produces robust fibers while maintaining a naturalistic appearance and feel. Our turf is long-lasting and non-corrosive while providing the exquisite cushion you’ve come to expect from our high-end surfaces. This makes it incredibly difficult for even the strongest dogs to dig through.

Excellent Drainage Qualities

As stated previously, when properly installed, our artificial turf offers great drainage features. This significantly lowers the risk of muddy patches and standing water, which can result in unsightly mud prints inside the home.

Pollen and Allergens Are Not Present in Artificial Grass

Artificial turf, unlike natural grass, will not contribute to your animal companion’s allergies. This means that your favorite pet can run, play, and roll on the turf without the risk of allergic reaction. Eliminating allergens is a significant benefit because a sick dog often requires a costly trip to the vet.

Low Maintenance

A lot has been said about artificial pet turf and maintenance. It’s true that there is an initial investment when you purchase artificial turf. However, the overall return on investment is far better than that of natural turf. For example, with typical grass, you must consider the ongoing costs of paying professional landscapers. Then there’s the constant use of water sprinklers, which, according to the EPA, accounts for more than one-third of the average home’s water consumption. These expenditures can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year.

With synthetic pet turf, you can forget about the round-the-clock use of water sprinklers. As for the landscaping contracts, these will be a thing of the past.

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