Why You Should Consider Artificial Turf as a Gift

Why You Should Consider Artificial Turf as a Gift

This holiday season, surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift by giving them a flawless artificial turf from EnvyLawn. They will be ecstatic to see their lawn transformed into a lush, green paradise that their children and pets will adore. It’s simple to set up, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and is completely eco-friendly. Don’t know what artificial grass solution will make the best ideal turf for your gift? Customers have trusted EnvyLawn for high-quality synthetic turf for decades, call our friendly team of experts for a free consultation to select your perfect artificial grass lawn or putting green gift.

Why Envy Lawn

EnvyLawn is a part of the Tencate Grass family, one of the country’s most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic artificial grass products. Our exceptional brand of synthetic grass can be found in various settings, including home lawns, commercial lawns, playgrounds, pet turf, and golf greens. Our Dayton, TN manufacturing factory employs efficient, cutting-edge technology to produce the best synthetic fiber in the business.

Selecting the Best Artificial Turf That Fits Your Recipient’s Needs

Here are a few pointers when selecting the best artificial turf for your gift-giving needs:

Research – Avoid unscrupulous suppliers with a dubious track record. EnvyLawn, on the other hand, is a renowned company with a 30-year history of success. We’ve developed the best artificial turf technology and we are one of the country’s fastest-growing synthetic turf enterprises, thanks to our years of experience in the market.

Avoid the cheapest deal – In this day and age, when everyone is looking for the cheapest deal, you should resist the urge to buy the most inexpensive artificial turf on the market. By going with the cheapest option, you risk sacrificing quality. Ultimately, this turf will not stand the test of time, inclement weather, nor use. Instead look to the durable and long lasting artificial grass solutions from EnvyLawn.

EnvyLawn’s Made in America artificial grass lawns, putting greens, and synthetic turf for landscaping and more has been diligently developed over the years, and it is magnificently green, high-quality, resilient, and low-maintenance.

Transferable Warranty – All of our customers enjoy a genuine 15-year warranty, which can be transferred to a new homeowner if you sell your property.

What Benefits Come With Our Artificial Turf?

Why should you consider giving a friend or loved one artificial turf? Let’s discuss the benefits accrued from the installation of synthetic turf:

Low Maintenance

Do you have a friend or loved one that spends an excessive amount of time on the weekends tending to their lawn? Or are they married to landscaping contracts? With artificial turf, these chores will be a thing of the past. Our beautiful synthetic grass lawn does not need to be cut, weeded, edged, seeded, or treated with pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

Save Money and Conserve Water

Everyone wants to save money. Surprisingly, the average home spends nearly one-third of its water budget on lawn care, the majority of which is actually wasted. The installation of artificial grass is the ideal solution. It enables your friends, family, or loved ones to preserve water while saving money.

Non-Toxic and Great For Pets and Kids

While children and pets like playing on natural grass, they will appreciate the comfort and protection provided by artificial turf. EnvyLawn provides a variety of synthetic grass options to meet the demands of any lawn. Furthermore, our grass is composed of multi-layered polypropylene compounds, which give it a rich natural feel that protects children and dogs from injury. Because it does not attract bugs, insects, or allergens, it is a safer alternative to natural grass.

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EnvyLawn’s in-house manufacturing process ensures that your gift of an artificial grass lawn, or putting green turf, is highly durable, eco-friendly, and beautifully pristine. If you’re ready to make a difference in your friend, family, or loved one’s life, contact us today for more information.